You're living in a Simulation!

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The version of the simulation hypothesis was first theorised as a part of a philosophical argument on the part of René Descartes, not firstly by Hans Moravec. Later, the philosopher Nick Bostrom developed an expanded argument examining the probability of our reality being a simulation. His argument states that at least one of the following statements is very likely to be true:

  1. Human civilization is unlikely to reach a level of technological maturity capable of producing simulated realities or such simulations are physically impossible to construct.
  2. A comparable civilization reaching aforementioned technological status will likely not produce a significant number of simulated realities (one that might push the probable existence of digital entities beyond the probable number of "real" entities in a Universe) for any of a number of reasons, such as, diversion of computational processing power for other tasks, ethical considerations of holding entities captive in simulated realities, etc.
  3. Any entities with our general set of experiences are almost certainly living in a simulation.
  4. We are living in a reality in which posthumans haven't developed yet and we are actually living in reality

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I've been obsessed with this theory for far too long. It basically solves every problem I encounter. It allows me to shrug off most annoying and difficult situations. What are your thoughts!?

I feel exactly the shame,according to the old Photon expirement the meaning is that we need to observe so we can live , that means someone has to observe us , and someone else observes the one that observes us and so on so forth. That's why we live in a stimulation

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