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RE: SimplEOS version 0.6.4 is out :)

in #simpleos3 years ago (edited)

This doesn't work for me. When I try to create new account for a friend and click 'Confirm', it stops working so I can't Finish. The little wheel keeps on spinning but doesn't finish confirming even though I put in the correct password. And I got 10 Eos so that should cover the 0.5Eos memory fee.


Hey Jaro, could you please try to go into settings and click "auto" so the wallet will connect to the fastest endpoint for you? Please let us know if it worked :)

Captura de Tela 2018-08-20 às 17.21.29.png

Is should look like this (on v0.6.4).

I can't get to that. When I click on the settings wheel, it shows Advanced options, but that is greyed out so I can't click it. And I got version 0.6.3-2. Tried to logout and sign back in too.

Hey Jaro, please update to the version 0.6.4, than it should work :)

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