Does It Get Better Than This?

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I took this picture one morning while walking at the park in my neighborhood. So evocative!

One of my happiest memories of being a kid was going fishing at the pond on a neighbor's farm. My grandpa would come by, pick us up along with the bag lunches my mom prepared. He always provided the Grape Pop and sometimes Orange - which at the time were delirious treats. (blahhh now) But that's the fun of being a kid - everything is fantastic!!

He was a man of very few words, a grunt now and then, and his body actually looked alot like the grandfather's in the photo. I guess I learned to like people that didn't have to talk a lot. I didn't care much about fishing, mostly because it required touching worms, but the water, the boat, the trees - that was enough for me.

I remind myself -

"To find the magic of life, focus on the beauty of life."

Debasish Mridha

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