A Wild-Mushroom Meal

in #simba3 years ago

This plate, was so excellent, I fried it with onion, butter and some potatoes.

So what have we got here?

  • The Wood Ear Mushroom, named for its texture and look resembling a human ear so much that it's scarry. not everyone like that one, but I love it it, it catches the taste of anything you cook with it perfectly, and has a nice chewy meat.

  • Suillus granulatus - A GREAT forest mushroom, easilly one of my top 3, it grows during the first two months of winter here in Israel just about under any pine tree. it has some kind of symbiosis with the roots of the pine trees, and its taste is piney!

  • Asparagus - grows wild here for the whole winter, in almost every forest, I love picking up the fresh tips and cooking with them, they taste great, and they clean your digestion system!

Bon Apetit!


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