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Find out which SIM is being used on a stolen mobile !!

In the age of digital technology, there is hardly one person in the hands of the smartphone.
But how much do we do when our phone is stolen.

So how to get your phone stolen or stolen, this app has been told in these apps! And the name of these apps is: Sim Card Change Notifier You can download from your phone's play store and then install these apps. And your phone will default to Story. Then from the phone again, go to the play store and type these apps. You can open it from there and dial ## 7777 on your phone keyboard and enter your name in place of Owner name and enter the number in the Trusted Number where you want to get the message.

Then press the red mark in the picture and go to the setting. 2 Select the Number option to show the app. Then 3 no days as you wish, and these 7 numbers are given before Yudio.
Now your last task is to do the following Location Setting Time interval set. Now your apps are ready.
No matter where your stolen or stolen photos are located, the unique SIM will open the phone number along with its location.

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