#silverpornsaturday batman and a turtle together at last💖

in silverpornsaturday •  21 days ago 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls... Pirates of all ages. It's #silverpornsaturday!


Up first. Batman hand made by @beckieg. There certainly is only one of these around!


Less impressive is a Fiji Taku and a Koala



Followed by a round that has a special place in my stack

Ying Yang reverse proof maple


Take care and stack high

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I can't say NO to the Batman! Lol! But alas, I miss our dear @beckieg .

Nice post. Silver will be really valuable next year.

That is quite a selection of detectible silver treasures. 😍

Dang I love all of them

Any news about @beckieg? She disappeared...

From what I know, she is OK. As far as I know she is somewhere safe.

I loved ally, especially the Batman mask, @fat-Elvis! Have a fantastic evening 🥰🌺🤙

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Miss beckieg made the last silver piece I would ever sell. That batman will be me as long as I get a choice. It means more to me than any other piece I have. I'm not sure how much dollars it would take for me to sell it. @beckieg helped me recover and this silver ain't for sale!

Another set of high quality Silver rounds, I have never seen the Yin, Yang Canadian Maple thanks for sharing!!😀

Ahhh that hit the spot thanks 💯🐒