Coin Show today. - #silverpornsaturday

in silverpornsaturday •  2 months ago 

Hey y'all

Today there was a local coin show. And I made a purchase.


So here's what I bought.


So I paid spot price for this Panama stuff. There's about 12 - 13 ozt in silver, the big coins are 5 oz. 925



Now for a super sweet Nfld 50cent coin.



Now for this one. I couldn't resist buying this George Bush bar, lol. I love oddball stuff.


So this says paid $20 USD in 1999. Well, I paid $18.50 in 2019.


'preciate y'all


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Awesome haul from your LCS, and an awesome show of silver, @fat-Elvis! That sure is silverporn! Have s great weekend, take care🌺🤙

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It is an awesome haul, but was a big vendor show. Had a great time looking (and drooling) at all the gold.😍. Couldn't take pictures though, there were security guards and signs saying no photos.

Cheers Triple 8!

Congratulations on your silver find! It was worth the trip to the show for sure. Thanks for sharing!😄

Thanks Beth. Yes was well worth the trip! I would go even if I didn't want to buy anything. Just to see it all!

That .50 is a dandy! 😎👍

Yeah, the guy had a box of Newfie coins, I picked this one cause of Vicki on it.

Now thats some porn brother.👍

Cheers bro. It was a good silver day!

Beautiful! That's a great haul you picked up.

Thanks @newprepper! I thought it was a good deal.