#silverpornsaturday - Beautiful Sterling Silver Milk Jug

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Hello everyone!

I was very fortunate a couple of years ago, to win an auction for a Sterling Silver Milk Jug from England.


What I've been able to research and learn is that this milk jug is London Birmingham and was crafted by Stephen Smith and William Nicholson. Based on the maker marks stamps on the bottom; the ladies silhouette indicates the decade of the 1850's or so. The small letter 'f' indicates 1861.

I remember reading that it was crafted and set on a shelf for some years before. Then someone purchased it and had it monogramed '1892'. That would have made it already thirty years old at the start.


I am just happy to have it in my unstackable-stackables! I am also very thankful it missed being melted down. It would have been a real shame to destroy this very nice ornate piece.


Thanks for stopping by and please leave comments below on what you think!

Have a wonderful evening😎


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A beautiful work of art!

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Thank you for the trendtoken and for the kind words.🤗

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Very nice piece and one hell of a way to stack weight.👍

Thank you! It was quite the find and it came to me all the way from England.😎

Very nice, @elizabethbit! I think I will show the only remaining place setting from my grand mother's silver. Great show, my friend! Have a terrific Saturday! Take care 😍❤️🌺🤙

Thank you @silversave888! I would love to see your grandmother's place setting. I look forward to it. Have a wonderful Sunday (since it's almost Sunday as I type) and enjoy the extra hour of sleep for 'falling' back! Take care as well.😍🤗

Amazing craftsmanship! You are fortunate to own such a beautiful piece.

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Thank you @emergehealthier! I was very lucky to find it and win the auction.

That's a fantastic piece! Thanks for sharing it!

Thank you for stopping by😊

What a beautiful piece. The history of such items always fascinates me.

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If they could only talk!

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