End of JUNE .... July news and payments


Unfortunately its just a quick one tonight. So iwont keep you long, but ill try and get some useful information across in as little words as possible.


With the end of June fast approaching, its time to work oit what the monthly contributions will be. As always, its encouraged that #silvergoldstackers community members delegate steempower to receive their daily upvote, but of course we understand that not everyone has the spare SP.

So to calculate the equivalent amount of liquid steem, we go to #dlease and work out what the market is telling us:

Top of the market is currently 31.32%


Using the lease calculator, and getting as close as i could (31.23%), the monthly payment for July is 83STEEM for a gold level upvote.


Told you it was a quick one. Any questions, please reach out to me here, or on the ssg discord channel.


As always, thanks for all the hard work you do my friend!😀

This will be a "Steeming Hot July"...
June 29, 2021... 14.3 Hollywood Time...

Puede enviarme el enlace de discord por favor

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