Why we stack silver by a stacker

Everybody has that crazy friend that stock piles silver bullion. They are the crazy friend that don't trust the banks are goverment and is always banging on around the collapse of the global economy. Maybe your the crazy friend.......maybe your not so crazy :)

Who stack's Silver?

People who buy billion will often use silver as an investment product. The spot price of silver is much lower then gold so it is much more affordable and there is a larger selection of bullion to choose from. Investing in silver is not new, people have been being it for decades. Check out this article about 2 brothers that bought tons of the stuff in the early 80's
( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silver_Thursday ). Silver is very popular with investors, as the amount of silver being used grows and new uses being found everyday, silver gains more notoriety in the public eye.

Why do we stack Silver?

As said already, silver is used by many as a vehicle to save. Its a great to spend all your money and save at the same time. There is an abundance of silver bullion out there with new releases every year. There are bars, coins, junk and hand poured silver bullion to invest in. Silver stacking can be many things from the old man who keeps all his 90% government coinage to the guy who collect proof date runs. There are alot of different motivations to start and continue stacking also. Some people use silver as a store of wealth, some think the price will go to the moon, others just feel safer having some silver and a few will be hoping for premiums to grow on rare coin collection. With such a big group of people stacking for different reasons, we can see why it is becoming more popular.
The silver spot price plays a very important role in the stackers decision making. As silver is low at the minute, it is easier for stacker's to invest in different types and sizes of bullion. I do not think people will be buying kilo bars when spot is $50 again.
Availability and variety of silver products is growing. Silver stackers today have it better then is ever was with new releases and products coming onto the market all the time. We have a huge choice of bullion coins, bars, rounds are even some jewelry. Popular choices for stacks are eagles, maples, lunar, coins, pandas, brits and anything from the perth mint sells well.

Silver on the rise

Silver popularity is on the rise with more silver stackers today then ever. Silver investments are normal to coin collectors because f the price and selection. It is also popular because of its history, silver has been used as money in some shape are form for the last few thousand years. It is more abundant then gold and most other PM's so it is more easy to source
Ease of stacking. Its easy to be a silver stacker. It does require any special skills, buying silver bullion online is as easy as buying anything else online. You gather information over time and become better at what you do and grow a bigger stack. Selling is the hard part.
To sum up, there are many reasons people become Silver stackers. Silver is an affordable metal to purchase, which naturally attracts many buyers. With Silver so popular today, starting your own Silver collection can go a long way.

Buy Silver today!!!!



Wow... You have quite the Collection going on... Very impressive...
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