Finding some of my silver coins have toned

Had the day off and what better way than to go through the old silver stack. Sadly i see that a few things have got milky spots are have toned. Personally i dont really care as when the time comes to convert to gold, i'll be selling around spot price so these milk spots and tones dont really annoy me that much, just a little.

Anyways, with my freedom for the day i decided to make the most of it and get some things done around house. I was in my man cave having a smoke and coffee when some coins caught me eye. It was 3 coins piled on top of each other that have been sat on a shelve for the past 24 months and when i looked closer i could see that they have toned up something shocking. I personally think they look awesome now, like they have some personality are something. With the day free i thought i would share this discovery with the group.

Top coin

This is a 2015 1/2 Hammerhead Shark
This coin has pretty much gone an orange colour working its way from the rim toward the center of the coin. The reverse is pretty much the both and ole Beth as an orange glow.

Middle coin

1.25 oz 2015 Bison
This that one that shocked me when i seen that the toning was very strong around the rim and almost nothing in the center. The toned circle is the perfect fit for the 1/2 oz sitting atop of it. The reverse of this coin is like new.

Bottom coin

Another 1.25 oz Bison
This one is like brand new, it has a few milk spots but its from the Canadian mint so that's expected. The edging of the coin is a little toned but both faces are perfect.

These are coins that i have no caps for so i dont mind that they have gone this way. It interesting to see that toned coins can effect other coins in your stack. The top coin had started to tone by itself months and months ago so i was very surprised to see it was almost orange. I was a little more shocked when i saw the middle coin had got a strong orange ring the perfect size of the 1/2 oz sitting on top of it. I have never thought that 1 coin could do this to another and havesince a strong direct effect.
Is it the same with milk spotting coins? You might think no but i have lots of milk spots on coins, coins that would surprise you. I have milk spotting a few SBBS coins, 2105 Pandas, Perth kooks and even 1 of my steemit silver rounds has a milk spot. We except our brit's, elephants and anything from the canadian mint to milk spot but not the others.
Picture is sorta rubbish but that's a milk spot int he circle. I'm cursed!

Any questions, comment below are ask. If you enjoyed the post, please dont forget to upvote this and follow me @silverstackeruk


I miss your Videos...
September 5, 2021... 6.4 Hollywood Time...

I miss them too. Hahaha

Which ones?

Im guessing the "getting high in the shed" ones. Oh, these were better times

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