1st Edition UK 10p A-Z collection - Full book

What it is and why it is not silver?

Ok, these coins are not silver. They are normal British 10 pences coins but with a twist and im a sucka for twists. This year the Royal mint have released 26 different designs for its 10 pence coins, 1 for each letter of the alphabet . Me and wife have completed the 50 pence and 2 pounds Royal mint coin hunt books and as soon as we heard they would be doing this, we knew there would be a book and that we would need to complete the collection. Being from Northern Ireland and split of the mainland of the UK means anytime a special coin are note is released into circulation, we are last to get it. I was forced to buy from eBay to complete both our other books. This time i thought i would buy the lot in 1 go with the offical Royal mint folder while they are new and all in great condition and then buy a spare folder to complete with coins we get in our change as we normally would.

Better investment then silver?

When compared to bullion like kooks are libertad's, i would have to say that this is a much better short term investment and maybe long term as well. Its hard to write that because everything i ever bought from the Royal mint loses value, the price with their stuff in general peaks a few months after it's sold out and then drops slowly over the next few years crushing your heart in the process till its worth pretty much spot. So when i see i could have bought 50 pence coin hunt books for £5 each 3 years ago and resold them for around £50-60 each on eBay now, i think them £20 silver coins i bought around the same time were shit. I should have been buying empty collection books. Should i try and buy 5-10 of these books before they sell out and flip them on eBay are amazon for a few free silver oz's down the road? maybe i should but maybe im lazy. This complete set cost me £52. I know there will be 2-3 coins that become rare and will sell for £10-15 easy and the folder itself will be worth at least £30 in a years time so there my money back and the rest for free. That is the way it would work if i were to sell off stuff separate but i like holding and would never split to collection.

Silver coloured coin Porn

A – Angel of the North, B – Bond…James Bond, C – Cricket, D – Double Decker Bus, E – English Breakfast, F – Fish & Chips, G – Greenwich Mean Time
Note: An English breakfast is the retard brother of an Ulster Fry which is the best breakfast in the UK voted hands down over and over. This coin annoys me as teh breakfast proper name is a Full English. lol, my god - What were they thinking? Who's asks for an English breakfast in a cafe? No, no, no, you ask for a Full English!

H – Houses of Parliament, I – Ice-Cream Cone, J – Jubilee, K – King Arthur, L – Loch Ness Monster, M – Mackintosh
I really like that ice cream coin, the light always hits it just right to make the actual ice cream look 3D. And im liking the lough Ness coin too, its nice to see the Royal mint remembered about a country other than England.

N – National Health Service, O – Oak Tree, P – Post Box, Q – Queuing, R – Robin, S – Stonehenge
Post office one is the one i like the best from this bunch. As these coins are still new i am still trying to guess which ones will turn out to be the rare one? There's always 2-3 coins that will rare and im thinking maybe postoffice could be one of them.

T – Teapot, U – Union Flag, V – Village, W – World Wide Web, X – X Marks the Spot, Y – Yeoman, Z – Zebra Crossing
The union jack coin is my pick of this bunch will tea coming in tight in 2nd. Everyone knows us Brit's love our tea and i myself would consume around 2 cups a day. I like mine strong and sweet :D


Follow the red line


Do you collect are complete any books of circulated coins?



I like them...
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