# 999 - German Coins - Part 8

The info below comes from GODE Bayerisches Münzkontor's COA (Certificate of Authenticity) of this coin or from https://en.numista.com/ , or from https://www.wikipedia.org/.

I was rummaging through a box when I found a few German coins. As I haven't posted them yet, let's start a new series about German circulating or commemorative coins.

The eighth is a 1994-A 10 Deutsche Mark "German Resistance".

This coin weights 15.5g , with silver purity of 62.5% and Uncirculated finish. Its mintage was 7,000,000 units.

German resistance to Nazism was the opposition by individuals and groups in Germany to the Nazi regime, between 1933 and 1945. Several attempts to remove Adolf Hitler from power by assassination were done by them, including the famous Operation Valkyrie.

This one was minted in the Berlin Mint, Germany.

On the edge is written "WIDERSTAND GEGEN DEN NATIONALSOZIALISMUS", that means "Resistance to Nazism".

The obverse, engraved by Paul Effert, shows a German eagle with the mintark (A) below right.


The reverse, engraved by Paul Effert, shows the date of Operation Valkyrie.


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Thanks for showing the historical coin, @ronaldoavelino. With the silver purity of 62.5%, a good example of demonetization can be made.

From the first 10 Deutsche Mark commemorative, in 1972, till 1997 all the commemoratives had 62.5% purity.

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Interesting that they minted this coin in 1944 ..I wonder if they were worried for their safety? Interesting how they originally thought Hitler was going to save them all..... that's how the world operates my friend....🙃

This coin was minted in 1994. The date is on the obverse. It commemorates the 50 years of German Resistance.

I missed that date, now that makes sense.😀

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