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The safest option is to evolve consciously such that we no longer allow free will and destiny to be limited by the amount of resources being held. The general capitalist model is one that literally motivates the survival mechanism to be directed towards hoarding and manipulation/exploitation such that 'the market' buys endless stuff it doesn't need. As soon as we stop competing, the remaining competitors gain ground and can do so to such an extent that they start to encroach on our ability to survive. The belief that life is powered by 'survival of the fittest' is flawed unless 'fittest' means 'most loving'. It is love that provides and protects, not the ability to kill and overpower others. When we cease every involvement with that which overpowers others and ourselves, our survival rate will 'go through the roof'.

It should be obvious that working together is superior and more effective to competition, but so many have been trapped by a low self worth that twists their thinking into believing that fighting is the only answer.. and thus we have our current world full of self created traps.

I just watched this video that shows something of the reality of our 'markets'

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