Silver Score!

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Recently i joined the group steemsilvergold. It has fueled my manic desire to possess more silver. Today i stopped into my local shop and got these beauties for generic bar price ($1.10 per ounce cheaper than Maples)!

Getting the JM stuff is rare, and i always feel like i've pulled off a bit of a heist when i get them this cheap. Hoot!!!

edit: silver spot (paper) price is $21.94 cad

Stack on steemians and viva steemsilvergold!


Welcome to the group,Great people in steemsilvergold!

YAY!! Silver me timbers!! yarrr - lol keep up the stacking friend!

Thems be the lucky ones which stack the shiny! Y'Arrrrr!!!

Very nice !!!
I should have some South Korean coins tomorrow that I will post for everyone to see!!

nice score on the JM bars!!

silver is cheap...too cheap!

I grabbed a few 1 gram silver billions. They are adorable!

Join the group! steemsilvergold and post some pics of the shiny!

Hey! Thanks for sharing your recent pickup - I'm def a little jealous :P Awesome bars. I'm also in SteemSilverGold, glad to unite with another member! Keep stacking and keep sharing your insights. *Respect

them be purrty

Nice bars! You're lucky to have an LCS.

Yo @edthecanadian

Check out they have a killer selection and you can buy with bitcoin!
I have used them several times and have had perfect service.

Yep they're my regular dealer. Ive also purchased from torontogoldbullion and gatewest. My LCS detests bullion-he keeps about 5 maples and they are $45 each!

Damned numismatic-only guys!

Ya gots to have some ounces

Very nice ive got one of those national bars somewhere but its gone awol i need to tidy up but it takes up too much steem time!

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