Will Silver Put On $15 Handle?

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Will Silver Put On $15 Handle? by Rory, The Daily Coin

The beatings continue. Harvey Organ seemed to think the beat down in the metals would end after Options Expiry, guess that's not the case.

Silver may put on a $15 handle and if it does I am buying big! Gold may get down $1,200 and if it does, I'm buying big! Although a $20 discount looks pretty good right about now!

Could all this have something to do with China "warning" Trump over N. Korea? Well, one would think the opposite would happen with gold, but then again, we do live a backwards world.

If you can, take advantage of the latest fire sale. Click either chart to enlarge.

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I could very easily be wrong, but I don't see it dropping to $15.00. I bought today at around $16.20 and I am happy with that. If I am wrong and it does drop to the $15.00 price, I will certainly scoop some more up.

I have what I call the "holiday theory". The manipulators push down precious metals' paper prices extra-hard just before a major holiday because they, too, want to leave Wall Street and relax in their Hampton homes for a long weekend. So FOMC/triple witching/Bilderburg meetings don't count, just the fact that there is a US/UK banking holiday.