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It's simple. All you have to do, is comment with an image of your favorite piece of silver or gold. It can be a coin, bar, round, fork, etc., but it has to be something you own (be honest, people). Feel free to use a picture you took yourself, or just pull one off the interweb.
Rather than using the number of upvotes to decide the winner (easily manipulated), or choosing myself (I know many of you, so that would allow favoritism to play a role), I'm letting my wife pick the winner. She doesn't know this yet... But I'm sure she'll be fine with it. Be sure to read the rules, below.

(Pro tip: My wife like animals)


One entry per account.
Entries must be submitted in the form of an image, not text.
Entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM CST on 7/12/17.
Must also upvote and resteem post, in order to be entered.
Winner will be chosen on 7/13/17, and the payout will be 5 SBD.

And finally, one of my own favorite pieces of silver (it's hard to pick just one favorite piece):

Unfortunately, I only own one of these now. Scottsdale 10 oz. "chunky" cast bar.

Good luck!


Upvoted and resteemed! It's just a simple piece of gold and kinda childish, but I really love this Hello Kitty Gold Necklace and Pendant :)

My sister would want me to upvote this.

Thanks @trogdor! :) Mind to check out my post - Hello Kitty Cafe in Seoul? I wonder if you/your sister would like it..

ron paul silver1.JPG
Ron Paul campaign for liberty (also one of my favorite people)

Thumbs up for Dr. Paul.

My gold Bitcoin of course! :)

As real as a Futures Gold contract on the Comex.

Alas! I am a just a minnow-noob who can't upload -- copy/paste rather -- photos from my phone. Please have a looky-loo @thedamus

I'd have to say that "Freedom Girl" is my favorite...or maybe the 1oz pamp 'lady fortuna' or maybe that poured Engelhard...

Crap! I can't decide...but have a look anyway!

Cheers! from @thedamus


This is my RSA 1976 Definitive Stamp Replica Set gold plated Silver set

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

This is my 4.0 oz poured longbar by our friend Vulcan5678. I gotta say, I think it's my favorite piece that I own. He poured it into a wood mold. Great contest :) Upvoted and resteemed my friend, good luck everyone!

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

I love poured silver, and I know Vulcan does some good work.

Silver dragon series 1. Look at that detail. Top quality by Perth Mint

I want to start stacking sup lunar seires 1...there so beautiful

Yep but with beauty comes expense lol. You wont be dissapointed though

Bro you forgot to show the queen's face. How dare you haha 🙃

I want to win the contest if i show the other side i'm afraid I wont ;)

Love my Silvertowne Hand poured 10oz silver bar , upvoted, resteemed and followed!


This is my personal favorite bar. Its the hand poured monarch precious metal 1 ounce bar. It looks rustic, like something you would find in a treasure chest. I have the one ounce and 1.5 ounce bars :DDD #steemsilvergold

nice i picked up a few of these from my buddy a few months ago!

Hi @silverfortune! Here's my favorite silver: My #1 bullion is the silver eagle, second is one of the junk silver I bought at spot price from the Montreal olympics. It even has is little box that comes with it and it is a beautiful coin. But my favorite silver is the third one, junk silver of USA 1964 Kennedy half dollars. They're my best silver, the drawing, the weight, the shape, the sound, the iconic figure, Liberty written on it, I just can't have enough of theses.


On my first trip to South Korea after being reunited with my Korean family, my brother who was in The R.O.K. Marine Corps at the time gave me his specially made dog tags composed of silver(dog tags and chain). I am not sure of the purity, but if it is anything like their gold jewelry(24 carat), then it is possibly .999. It weighs in at 3.19 troy oz. The hallmark on the fastener clip says silver. Either way, this is my favorite piece of silver because it was given to me by my Brother, Yoon Hak Joong 21 years ago.


My Denarius from Marcus Aurelius (AD 176-180)
Re-Steemed and Upvoted
Such a beautiful coin that brings me joy cause I love coins from the Roman timeframe. Thank you

i personally LOVE the Silver Kookaburras from the Perth - they're my only complete one once collection and i have a few of the larger rounds too - i really like the kilo coins they do too!


I love me some 10 oz. kookaburras. Such an underappreciated coin.

it's kind of funny b/c in real life - i very much dislike birds lol!

Right now, my favorite is 1 oz SILVER RWANDA ROOSTER 2017. I think it has a really nice design.

I'll upvote and resteem, add a picture later. Cannot upload one from my iPhone to here.
I can when I post something but not in reply,
I haven't figured that one out yet. 😅

Sounds good!

Mine's a Charles I 1620 silver sixpence.

Won in a YouTube giveaway by Derek Naylor.

Rats! Can't post a pic from my crappy phone. Very generous of u tho and good luck to the contestants! Oh I did just post a piece on one of my fav pieces tho, check it out if ya want? Cheers

I LOVE the Scottsdale poured bars. Never convinced myself to splurge on the premium, because I'm too cheap... :p

Check it on eBay from time to time. I got those for less than $2 over spot. They run deals from time to time on the 10 and 20 oz bars. :)

silver me TIMBERS theres a lot pretty pieces out thar!! i know i said kooksalready but here is where i unboxed my 2017 set! (plus some gold :))

This is my favorite silver poured bar right now. It features a scene from ancient Egyptian weighing of the heart ceremony that they believed the deceased go through to find out if that person lived an honest life and if they will be allowed into heaven. Upvoted and Resteemed! Thanks



This is my favorite 1 Oz medal minted by the Shangahi Mint. I had to go into my deep panda reserve to bring this little guy out 😊 If you look at the back of the coin, you could see alot of other animals too. So it is like a mini zoo. Upvoted and resteem and I'll up vote for the rest who put a pic up here too.

I cannot get pandas here in Canada, I wished I had some! They're beautiful coins!

I though Apmex does shipping to Canada?



Can I have two favorites?
My new favorite, a wood poured maple leaf weighing just over 4 ounces.

My previous favorite and one I want to enter in the contest is my 1997 Chinese Silver Unicorn Round.

This piece of gold changed my life...

I love the most recent coin the most so far. Its the SS Gairsoppa coin. Its one ounce of silver and I love it because of the backstory of where the silver came from,from a sunken WW2 British Ship. Here are some pictures of the coin

The little Mark on the bottom of the SS gairsoppa side has since faded away but still love the coin.

I know this is not exactly what you asked for but this is how my silver came so, so long ago. I invested in silver in 2003 and cashed out my 401k to buy a couple of these. I was able to get in at around 6 dollars an oz and have never opened them.

The Last Sage

PS I have a contest running as well if anyone wants to check it out:

My favorite 10 oz bar from Ohio Precious Metals! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ;) 20170709_102557.jpg

2016 Republic of Chad 5 oz Silver King Tut



I got a question for you about this coin: why is it written inside out?

Very cool competition. My favorite coin is a Swedish Coin in commemoration of Knut Agathon Wallenberg (19 May 1853 – 1 June 1938) He was a Swedish banker and politician, he was also a Knight of the Order of the Seraphim. The Wallenberg family line is still some of the most successful investors and entrepreneurs in Sweden today.

This is a huge coin! How much does it weight?

If I am not mistaken it more than 3 ounces. It feels pretty cool when you hold it :)

Real money always feels good in my hands! The sound, the weight... True value that doesn't vanish within months... The thing I find funny from here in Canada, I try to buy a 2$ coffee with 5$ 1 ounce silver maples (which are legal tender, so by law they're obliged to accept it to their face value) and no one takes them! "It's too complicated to change them" last answer I got. Clueless sheeps! The funnier: A 6 pack of cheap beer with 1 once maple gold coin stamped as 50$. The owner told me: We don't take those! lolll Legal tender 50$ and the value of gold in it at that time: 1700$ can. Ok! Do you accept fiat notes? Oh yes, this is money... Great coin you get there, I think we're getting closer to use those as money again!

Hahaa that is funny! However in the same time it is so sad when it's so obvious that too many people have become brainwashed and slaves to nothing more than paper and they don't know what real value is anymore!

It was a tough choice for me but this is my 2012-s Reverse proof PR70 silver eagle and my phone camera does not do it justice. When I saw this at my LCS last year I knew I had to have it. I love silver eagles in general but the reverse proof is just gorgeous. The frosty backround really makes the rest of the coin stand out. My Reverse proof 50th anniversary Kennedy half was a close second. Ill feel better when I make a post about that lol!

Oh Yes I am feeling good about this one...............

they produce good quality coins, their andean cat is pretty cool too

silverfortune, hey bro, i made it, got first vid unfurled too /// peace all !!!

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