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Add 10% more Silver to our 90% Silver Dimes, and we can Mint a $1 Silver Coin, that will remove and replace, 100 Fiat Dollars... Not bad for such a small amount of Silver... Same goes with our 1/4, our 1/2 and our 1 Ounce Silver Coins... The 1/4 ounce "$2.5" Coin will remove 250 Fiat Dollars, the 1/2 ounce "$5" Coin will remove 500 Fiat Dollars and the 1 ounce "$10" Silver Coins will remove 1,000 Fiat Dollars... Every time we remove Physical Fiat Dollars, we're paying off the National Debt... Same goes with our 90% Gold Coins, just more Fiat Dollars will be removed... Our Silver and Gold Bullion Coins will receive the same Weight in Silver and Gold Coins, but with Larger Face Values... It all makes sense to me... You won't read these words anywhere else... Have a nice day...


Many thanks for your reply!

I feel like I haven't heard from you in ages... I hope all is well with you and yours...

Hi there! Doing well- completing lots of work on my house. Getting ready for “school.”

I'm ready to call it quits, here on Steemit... I don't feel like I'm reaching very many people... I have become an expert, when it comes to my Monetary Vision... God knows, I looked at it from every possible angle, and then some... I've come to the conclusion that my Vision "will not work" if our Currencies are backed by Silver and Gold... The only way for it to work is if our Currencies are backed by Silver and Gold "Coins"... We need to Flood the World with Silver and Gold Coins... Thanks for always being around Tammy... You're the Best...

Tammy 2....jpg

Hi there, I comprehend!

I AM Divine Love! I AM Divine Gratitude!

I Call to Lord Yeshua to Charge, Charge, Charge My Field and Me in the following Decree with His Momentum and to hold His Focus on this Decree! And I AM The LAW of Gratitude to Lord Yeshua!

I AM THE PEOPLE and I Announce and Decree that I AM changing the monetary system of The Republic of America back to a silver and gold coin backed monetary system with gold coins, silver coins, and common coinage in public circulation- using the pocket change theory written in this post. I bring this into manifestation immediately and now. I choose and accept this now.

We are living in Biblical Times, that's for sure...

Also, I accept the phrase that “Tammy is great” only. I am not a person, which is a corporation.
I am a great Lady, a great Woman, or a great Soul!

💜 💜 💜

That's an interesting way of looking at yourself...

Hi there! As previously stated “.Biblical times.”

I send prayers of Divine Love and Divine Light to you and our President!

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