Silver round: 5oz Medusa

in silver •  4 months ago


OMG! Got my 5 oz Medusa with CoA today!!! She’s so much more beautiful than I thought. I took this photo in bad lighting and did not open the cover to reveal her true glossy mirror shine. Wow! It’s so glossy that you can somewhat see an image of my iPhone shadow in the back. I’m so stoke right now and a super proud owner.

Anyways, here’s a gorgeous 5oz Medusa by Anonymous Mint....



Well?!! What do you think?! Do you own any silvers? If so, which is your favorite and why?! I’d love to here your favorite take from so many different beautiful engraving styles.

And as always, until we meet again, have a wonderful day.


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#steemsilvergold very nice piece @islandliving and yes Silver is my Favorite.


Omg! I used to live in San Francisco; Pacific Heights. Haights /Asbury was still a strange place to me then. Then moved to Mill Valley; Marin. And then here; Oahu.

Aloha @stockjockey!