Metal Detecting Finds I

in silver •  10 months ago

Our finds : clad, fishing weight, some trash & a .925 ring

This is one of my older digging days. On this day it must have been a short hunt for us at one of our local parks. Just a bit of clad and a nice .925 James Avery ring.


All cleaned up

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Great lot! I just got a detector myself. Tried it once in the yard. Can't wait to try it in the field.


You'll enjoy it as long as your patient. I've been detecting for about 11 years now. I'll post more finds soon.


Thanks, yeah, I think it will be fun. I've found so much in my yard without a detector, so maybe there's more to be found!


Be careful its addicting... :-)


I'm not too worried. It has a lot of competition with my other addictions...

just jumped over to Steemit myself for a about a week now. Nice to see some other MD friends here. Greats finds.

Thats exciting to find a ring. I think metal detecting is a lot of fun, we detect a lot of our local beaches, and have found some really exciting things. We also have a water detector, and find a lot of rings in the water. Parks, ovals and schools are really good for some quick cash, the two dollar coins we have here in Australia can add up when you find a few.


I agree with @gygull you should post some of your finds here on steemit. I don't see too many posts on metal detecting and would love to see some of us bring more the hobby into its own community. I'll be sharing more of my videos on Dtube starting this weekend.

Cool finds! It would be interesting if you also shared the market value of the items.


@white.tiger & @mentalmetal314, Share some of your finds, it's always neat to see all the different things we dig up. HH!


Sure thing, hopefully we can make the metaldetecting tag visible on the main steemit page :-) HH hunting to you as well.