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This one is known as an ASE

American Silver Eagle

I found a dealer that was giving them up for $30 in paper money (paper is invariable going down in value).

It is time for purchasing silver in any form now that the manipulated price is below the cost to extract it from the ground. Today's price is 14.72 per oz. for bulk metal.

Coins are still going for a premium and will continue to fetch more as paper contracts trade on paper markets, settling in paper. Paper also burns.

Most who still participate in the banking system with their plastic money continue to ask me, "Can you spend that coin?"

The answer would be yes. I guess I could take one dollar worth of merchandise from a store while giving up over $30 worth of silver. People don't even realize that the paper is almost worthless.


I am holding on to physical metals and buying what I can. It pays to wait for a lucrative price and beat inflation. The same goes for Steem holdings - gather while it is cheap. Sell when the price spikes up.

Shields are made of metal - stay with real money.


I agree with you. It's time to buy while the prices are still very low. Gather as much as you can, so that in the future, when you increase, you can have a significant gain.

Those One Ounce, One Dollar U.S. Silver Eagles are about to become U.S. Collector Coins and replaced by One Ounce Five Dollar U.S. Silver Eagles...

It's one of the Changes needed for the U.S. Monetary System to Reset to "Sound Money"...

We will end up with a Silver/Gold Ratio of 10 to 1...

The Five Dollar Silver Eagle will be "equal" to the 1/10th Ounce Five Dollar Gold Eagle...

Note: Five Dollars in U.S. Clad Coinage will also get you a 1/10 Ounce, Five Dollar U.S. Gold Eagle...

In other words, Five Dollars in U.S. Coinage, will soon be "a lot" of Money...

August 6, 2019... 10.6 Hollywood Time...

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