A Stagnant Three Months Ended by $1460 Gold

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Finally something to write about.

I normally don't buy when metals are on the rise. We are supposed to buy when there is blood in the streets.

When I left the house today, gold was hitting $1461 per oz. and silver was steady after heading out of the 14-dollar range into the mid-16-dollar range over the last three months or so. Hardly the optimum time to buy gold, but silver is stable as we hit bull territory.

I had not planned to buy any coins today, but a planned crypto purchase had gone bad on my way back from running errands. The customer's three year old had deleted his wallet while playing on his father's phone.

I show up as planned to buy his x worth of x-coins and he had none to send me. I expressed my sympathies and went on with my day, a bit light on virtual coins, heavy on dollars.

I decided to stop in and see what kind of silver coins my dealer had on hand. Turns out he had some Canadian 9999, Elizabeth II, Maple Leaf beauties.

When I got home I had to share them


You will be the first to know when I obtain any other coins, bars or bulk metals. Always is the right time to think of protecting yourself!

Shields are made of metal


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