Memorial Day Special Silver Rounds

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Hopefully you are enjoying my channel here. I'm just taking the time to ask you to please follow this channel and maybe share it with a friend or two! This is a fun hobby for me and would like to see a community grow around sound money, be it Bitcoin or silver coin. Because I find the precious metals and cryptocurrency worlds do not like to mingle with each other. I see the benefits of both and feel it would be better to diversify in the face of uncertainty.

I bought these silver rounds (not coins - as coins have a 'face value' and are minted by a government, not a private mint) during a special Memorial Day sale at They support veterans, and so do I. I disagree with war, most of the conflicts are made up, lives are needlessly lost everyday, it's extremely costly financially as well, and it utterly destroys our mental stability on this planet. However, once a nation (like Iran) is instigated, war will be inevitable.

Funny enough, buying silver is anti-government. You are storing your wealth not in paper or digital US dollars, but in physical tangible useful silver. By buying silver you are taking your value out of the system, you are saying 'I don't agree with what these US dollars are doing.' The opportunity in silver has also rarely ever been greater. The price of silver is reflecting it's 2010 levels at $15 an ounce! Gold is $1350 an ounce! That means the gold to silver ratio is 90, meaning you could get 90 ounces of silver for 1 ounce of gold right now. This ratio has only been this high 3 times in the past 30 years, after which it fell significantly. Silver is probably the only asset or commodity that is priced below its 1980 high price, everything else is in a bubble. The housing market, cars, groceries, financial markets, stock markets, consumer goods, if you can name it then it's probably in a bubble waiting to burst.

To tangent onto the economy, we are about to experience an economic crash that will be worse than 2008's Great Recession and rival 1929's Great Depression. There are very few things I agree with Trump on, except when he said that we are in the worst revival out of a recession ever. This is true, and we are also in a 'big, fat, ugly, bubble.' The FED needs to raise interest rates, but they have kept them so low for so long that each increase brings us closer to demise. They need to raise interest rates now so they can lower interest rates later and 'save the economy.' This is all bullshit and a charade to squeeze every last ounce of work and worth out of you. I hope you survive the coming storm, it will be thunderous.

Thanks for reading through my ramble! Now for the silver....






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