Korean Silver Medals!

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Another mail call! I waited over 3 weeks to get these in, due to the new 2019 Chiwoo Cheonwang silver medal I pre-ordered. The other two medals, Zi:Sin Canis and Zi:Sin Scrofa, are earlier releases from 2018 and 2019 respectively. These are stunningly detailed and beautiful 'coins'. They aren't actual currency as '1 Clay' cannot be redeemed anywhere for anything, it is an ancient currency. These medals tell a story of warriors from an ancient time. 1 Troy ounce of 0.999 pure silver each, these are a great addition to anyone's silver stack! Check them out!







Thanks for the resteem @vghildingsllc, glad this hit me feed #steemsilvergold!!

Great photos, and great looking rounds cryptofuwealth! Keep posting the good stuff!

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Thanks! Yea I intend to post a lot about silver/gold/cryptos

You should use the steemsilvergold tag for these coin posts. If you haven't heard of the group, you should check it out. You would fit right in!

Thanks, I'll remember that!

I just nominated you for our group if you are interested. You can check out the post here. https://steemit.com/steemsilvergold/@vgholdingsllc/steemsilvergold-official-nomination-post-6-09-2019

June 10, 2019...

True, I'm ok with a little premium. It keeps my stack interesting instead of straight bars or cheap rounds.

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