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Silver and Gold took MASSIVE hits today, dropping a significant amount! But what has everyone (at least in the metals space) talking, is how FAST and HARD Silver dropped, as well as the timing of it. You're talking about a $2 price decrease IN A MATTER OF MINUTES!

From the research I've gathered, no one can really justify such a big move. There was a "Flash Crash" that just ...happened. As do most things in the precious metals market, things just "tend to happen". After the crash, Silver struggled to maintain above $16 and is now sitting at $15 and some change. What has a lot of metal bugs talking, is how this price movement syncs up with Andrew Maguires call for a "MAJOR EVENT" to take place in the metal markets, particularly for gold, around the 7-8th of July; causing the price to SURGE.

Now, we all know that wherever Gold goes, Silver tends to follow suit. Last month, Mr. Maguire made a statement, – Major Event To Create Massive Gold Price Surge In 26 Days!- This BOLD statement was made June 9th. Seems to me like he got one thing correct so far...this was somewhat of a "major event". The real question is...when will the price "surge" as he predicted?

If you've never heard of this man, then you were never in the metals space to begin with. He is the man who outed the Gold and Silver market rigging to the world. He literally had a journalist on the phone and called out EXACTLY when the price of metals were to be dropped. TO.THE.SECOND! The journalist was STUNNED to see the price movements on his screen drop when Andrew said the would. I mean...no one is supposed to have this kind of knowledge, right? If the market wasn't rigged then his calls should have been IMPOSSIBLE to make. But, they WEREN'T!

After this revelation was exposed, the metals market was abuzz with Mr. Maguires timing. Only someone who was "in the know" would be able to expose this. If you dig into Mr. Maguires personal story, you'll start to realize that this man DID work for the commodities exchange prior to becoming a truther. What makes his story even CRAZIER is that he was almost "taken out", twice, after making the revelations public. If you're interested, give it a search on Google. You'll be more than satisfied with his credentials and personal story.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia - Andrew Maguire is a British commodities trader and whistleblower. He presented evidence to United States regulators alleging that fraud had been committed, and that prices in the international gold and silver markets had been manipulated. -

The only thing left to do now...is wait. Could this be the move all of us Silver bugs have been waiting for? Are the banks covering positions and going long...FOR GOOD?

One can only hope.

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Yeah prices of gold and silver nosedived hard. This excites me tho as I can get more for my money 🙌


Yea, man. Same here. Silver and crypto to the moon!!