Silver's "Flash Crash" Signals Bottom! (Bix Weir)

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In the mid-1960's a young economist named Alan Greenspan created the 1st ever "electronic asset" using a computer programming language called BASIC invented by his childhood friend John Kemeny. Working closely with the Federal Reserve Bank, the US Treasury and the US Military Greenspan was setup to rig and control capital markets for close to 50 years ensuring that all the benefits of "free money" were utilized and those computer programs are still in use today.

On June 26th as 4am in the morning, someone in the basement computer trading room of the US Treasury clicked a mouse and sold a massive amount of electronic gold and silver on the COMEX driving the price down.

Will this be the LAST time that Alan Greenspan's original programs and methodologies is used to "control" the gold and silver price?

We will find out soon enough.

Silver's "Flash Crash" Signals Bottom! (Bix Weir)


Lets hope its the bottom!

Why? I'm hoping it goes to $1 an once so I can buy as much as I can. I'm in this for the LONG RUN. That means I am trusting that it will eventually go to $600, $6000 or $60000 an ounce. So I don't care how cheap it gets. I will keep stacking, and stacking, and stacking and stacking some more. The cheaper it gets, the more I buy.

The last thing you want is for the price to rise at this time. If that were to happen I guarantee you would be saying, "Oh crap. I wish I'd bought more when it was $16.50. Why didn't I buy more?"

Well, there you go....

I like you :-)

Yep stack em up bro!

Keep on stacking. Bix is right when he says in his vids that silver is the most undervalued asset out there. It will have it's day in the sun (perhaps sooner rather than later if economic news is anything to go by?)

The game is rigged. Take advantage of this buying opp.
"A fat finger mistake" lol.

Big Flash Crash Still going to happen if you ask me

Silver charting I have done show's as low as $6.60oz. on the next flash crash.

Good time to get more

Send me your chart bro.

sorry, i have no way

Hi Bix! Enjoy the cup of zeeze with ya. Was wondering how the book is coming along as well as the research. Is it still fun finding new clues? Sometimes the biggest clues are right in front of us-if we stop trying to fit them into everyday standards. Anyway I need to ask you if you have hard proof of Sir Alan having any actual experience with computers? Computer club stuff or college level?
Because I just don't see him getting dirty with some mainframes and coding until dawn to build the supercomputer that will save American from its mistakes of letting the FED happen and leading us down the yellow brick road on the block chain. I know he attended the school that the Basic guys did. And did a marketing commercial bit for apple, that dosen't make him a geek.
But beyond a simple search and as it's not my topic, why not ask.
Watch you on Steemit now instead of that place.

Here is a graph from Kitco for the July 6 silver drop.

It's low now, remember "buy when there's blood on the streets"

Bix what is your opinions on Steem and the Steemit platform?

The price is not all that important: having it in your hand is the objective. It's better to trade the fiat for silver so you don't have to care about the dollar crashing overnight. The US is bankrupt and inflationary default is the only theoretical way out.

I was going to buy a tube of eagles this weekend online but I decided to wait till Monday morning knowing "they" tend to drive down the price in the morning. I'm glad I did, it's only a few bucks I saved but I still would be kicking myself for missing the dip.

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Wow, both cryptos and silver take a dive this morning. Hard to decide... silver it is!!

Thanks from Japan. I follow your news quite a time and it is great to find you on steemit!

i'd be a hard buyer at 6.50oz . havent seen those prices for silver since the lat 80's early 90's... i was extremely lucky to have sold most of my silver when it was up near 40+.... think i got the old man to buy most of it(coin) @ $45. 00oz when it was speculated it was going to 70... i was smart i sold 90% of my silver over the course of a week... it greatly helped pay for my move.

but i see on kitco that it has rebounded nicely and may even close only a coouple of cents off it's open price...

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