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Fellow silver stackers: I feel your pain. I've been at this game for 6 or 7 years - stacking silver here and there as the price drops. I have $$$thousands$$$ just sitting there, in silver - doing... just about nothing. Well, ok, I CAN'T SAY THAT - it does do one thing: it gives me HUGE peace of mind!

How much longer can this Dollar-Ponzi-Scheme last for? God knows, we all hope that it ends sooner, rather than later! Well, there's good and bad news for us:

Bad News: We live in interesting times.
Good News: We live in interesting times.

Trump is President. That means one thing for us: CHANGE is afoot!

I have much faith in my silver stack. Let's be conservative... say silver spot goes to $200/oz. in our lifetime (I'm only 44 years-old). Would you be happy with $200/oz.??? I would. But, I think it's easily going higher than that. The Dollar is dying. It's a slow death, no doubt. We don't WANT to face it - nobody does. But, it's happening. When? IDK - certainly within a decade. Probably in the next year or two. Maybe three - at the longest. Whatever the case, I urge you: HOLD FAST!!! You will not be disappointed by how well your silver does in the future.

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thank you.....and we are not fooled. It's just funny how they are allowed to rig the market in plain daylight. I guess if the govt knows they have a fiat currency that has a limited life it becomes "policy"...until it doesn't. I think we are at that stage.

Our day is taking longer than it should but will be that much sweeter when that day is at hand. I'll wait :) I'm not passively waiting though. Plenty of cryptos to attain before precious metals take off.


It is taking longer than what could be considered, "Justice." But, you are right - it will be sweeter!!! And, I agree - crypto-currencies seem like a great way to raise more fiat in order to invest more into metals. That's all I see cryptos are good for, for the time being. I don't trust cryptos, completely. Too much room for manipulation by, "THEM." NSA. CIA, alphabet soup organizations. They will grab hold of cryptos any way they can, and the gig will be up, sooner or later. They can not get our physical metals, though. Us "small fish" will not even register on their radars when SHTF. Our gain!!!

Image if silver was traded in a free market platform like bitcoin...


If it was, stackers everywhere would be pretty happy!

Great words of encouragement for those of us that have had our eyes opened. The only time I become discouraged is when you try to explain to people how bad and corrupt the whole system is and they just don't see it or believe you. The truth will out in the end. Great post. Thankyou

Patiently waiting... if I do a straight line interpolation, since 1913, the US Dollar has lost, depending on who the 'expert' is... roughly 94-98% of its value. That's 94-98% over 104 years, give or take. If that is a given (if my math is correct), then at that rate of straight line decline in value, the US Dollar (Well, the Federal Reserve Note really) has between 2 to 6 1/4 years to devalue to worthless/zero... as all fiat currencies eventually end up doing. So... again, if my math is right, 2019 to 2023 ought to be an interesting time period for debt/paper/fiat currencies (IOUs) versus money (precious metals) and crypto currencies. We have a front row seat... Good luck to us all.

I believe in silver too and have been stacking for three years. I know that is not long however I think it is smart as silver and gold are God's money. I also know that it is manipulated and the game cannot go on forever. I would like to see the prices rise. Regardless I am in it for the long haul. Thanks for sharing. I sense you are also a patriot as am I. I want freedom and liberty for all and am tired of the tyranny that the banks hold over our head. I would like to share a post of mine. As a patriot We celebrate Memorial Day. This is my humble post of Memorial Day meaning. If you like it consider an upVote and again thanks. Blessings Troy. Here is the post.

The longer the consolidation, the larger the move.

Been thinking about selling mb 1000 in silver, and putting it in bitcoin, what do you think? about a 10th of my stack. Only been at this about a year and a half.


First off, take a look at some other advice on investing in cryptos - I'm not an expert.

Personally, I've been taking a MUCH closer look at Ethereum. If that amount is 1/10th of your silver stack, you shouldn't worry too much about putting that amount into cryptos. My best advice, and I'm not a big crypto investor, would be to spread it out over a few different ones - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem, DodgeCoin, etc.

On the other hand, if you feel you are holding too much silver and just want to scale your stack down to size, wait for the Gold-to-Silver ratio to come down to closer to 40:1, or better, and trade some of it in for physical gold. That will greatly reduce your stack size.