National Trust signs (United Kingdom)

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I have recently discovered that photos of National Trust signs are collectable and, therefore, I should keep an eye out for them. Today, I have had a look through my archives and I have actually found more photos than I expected; in fact, the first one that I ever took dates back in 2007 when I was on a research trip in the Peak District (Mam Tor) with the University of Wolverhampton. I, however, do not include this one, instead, I have grabbed a newer one of the same sign, back from 2012 (see below), which weirdly shows me stood right next to it. I have also found a photo of a sign with Katie on it, and another one with a highly photogenic dog (see these below, too). Awesome, but weird! I think, I secretly believed that one day I would start a collection, therefore, when I had the chance, I took photos of National Trust signs subconsciously. Oh well, you can never go wrong with that 'mistake'. I have a feeling that more photos will carry on popping out of the archives and, from now on, I will make sure to take photos of each one that I (hopefully) come across. Make sure you check out my album, follow the link >>> Click here

~ Laszlo #thesignhunters

Mam Tor.JPG
Mam Tor (hill) in the Peak District (2012)

Long Mynd.JPG
Long Mynd (hill) in the Shropshire Hills (2016)

Lizard Point.JPG
Lizard Point (cliff) in Cornwall (2014)

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