Buy Steem Now for Short-Term Trade upto 40% Possible Gain

in #signal5 years ago

Right Now between 75 to 80 is a Great Time to Buy Some Steem soon you will see it going up ;)

It's been for a while in accumulation area now it's time to start uptrend as i mentioned steem past history how it went up 50% after making a strong support and that's the time when big trader buy and hold :)

Good luck follow for more Tips

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Hey, has Poloniex given you trouble lately? Been hearing a lot of recent dissent towards their customer service specifically.

no it's been okay with me so far just too slow in support more than 1 month now still waiting to get verified

it says in the picture around 120k

You should buy steem in Bittrex not in Polo

it says in the picture around 120k

Around 120k :) first target

Nice to see you here! Good luck!

Thanks buddy :)

Already bought since 1 week ago,and waiting to see the price to sky rocket

Great Bro :) Wish you Good Luck

It might not skyrocket but steem will rise in coming days and weeks. That is a sure thing.

Thanks for the post , must go change my sell orders a bit ;)

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