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At present the global financial market is dominated by large financial institutions and the main brokers that influence and distort the market. At present, there is a lack of transparency in price making and trade execution. Settlement of trade and funds can take days in many cases. Most institutions still use centralized order books to control prices and trade. The opaque market allows large institutions to control prices and move the market to support their position. Below are other problems faced in financial markets:

  1. Too many intermediaries
  2. Trade is not peer-to-peer, creating credit and financial risks.
  3. Lack of flexibility
  4. It is too difficult to transfer trade and meet the individual needs of each trader.

and there are still many other problems. With all the problems faced in trading and financial market platforms, a group of blockchain experts decided to create a platform that could disrupt financial institutions and make them reliable for traders to use. In order to solve the problems mentioned above, SIGMA BY HYDRA X was born. This platform will decentralize and democratize trade, allowing individuals and institutions to trade directly with each other

What is SIGMA By Hydra X

Hydra X, Sigma is a multi-venue, single interface, trading platform for tokens, shares, FX, CFD, and others. Hydra X utilizes the latest technology, including ledger technology (DLT), coupled with industry experience and regulatory understanding to create strong, strong and pragmatic technological solutions throughout the financial service transaction chain - the next generation solution that can be applied in reality today.
"Sigma is a strong, highly personalized, high-performance platform to meet the needs of experienced customers, retailers and traders, respectively. Sigma offers a diverse and original channel for easy connectivity. Transaction tokens, shares, CDFS, and FX. in exchanging digital assets and e-bro your choice. Sigma allows you to trade several asset classes. "

The goal of Hydra X

The aim is to build financial markets which are asset classes and agnostic trading places; this platform creates a perfect user experience that enables a truly integrated cross-asset and cross-site ecosystem.

Unique HydraX Feature

  • Efficient Portfolio Management
    Keep an eye on your account with consistent monitoring and accurate performance metrics, on all available asset channels.

  • Social Trade
    Trade in a lot of people. Network, get along, communicate with fellow trading and sharpen your skills.

  • Professional Package Tool
    Trade in style with style. Equipped with a professional trading suite such as scanner, arbitration etc.

  • Accurate News Feed
    Stay updated with live news and develop your market strategy to have an edge in the market.

  • Various Channels, Various Assets
    Connect with your personal account easily in place of authentic digital assets. Future connectivity includes a collection of institutional specific liquidity, future channels, CFDS, and FX.

  • Can really be adjusted
    Design your workspace to fit your trade flow by deleting, editing, adding and placing various modules.

  • Superior with full features
    Transact and transfer your digital assets across all available channels; direct price trading; accurate intelligent algorithm, order, and several other provisions.

  • Portfolio Management and Manage Aggregation
    your portfolio accurately on various channels, all in the consolidated dashboard portfolio functionality.

  • Integrated News
    Design personalized news feeds through social media platforms and RSS feeds.

  • Increase Security
    Protect your user details naturally: no confidential information reaches the cloud and server.
    With 2FA authentication integrated through Google authentication, merchants can protect access to the platform.
    Customer sensitive information is stored locally on the customer's device, and is protected by AES-256 encryption.

  • Cloud based application
    We believe that speed and flexibility are the keys. Our cloud-based models include continuous adjustment, deployment and maintenance. Rapid implementation and fully managed solutions help brokers and exchanges reduce infrastructure requirements and team building, reducing the cost of deploying your technology.

  • Upcoming features
    Digital commerce, social trading, regular warnings, arbitration metrics, scanners designed, unique cellular applications, etc. will be coming soon.


Sigma is expected to bring the future of trade to each generation because this has never been done in the financial sector. The Sigma platform is built with every important tool needed by traders who have made it the best exchange. Users can also manage each of their assets on the Sigma platform, be it cryptocurrency, FX, shares, CFDs, and more. Sigma is truly the future of the exchange platform.

For more information about Sigma, visit the link below;
Website: https://www.hydrax.io
Sigma Sign up Link: https://webtrader.hydrax.io
Telegram: https://t.me/HydraXOfficial
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Hydrax_io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HydraX.io
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