Side Hustles: We All Need Them!

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Lots of people are doing side hustles these days...adding income streams into their finances. Uber is an excellent example of a side hustle. I've never been a driver, but I use them all the time when I travel.

Only one problem with most side hustles, though, even Uber: they only pay you when you're working.

Which means, you can never stop working. Ever. Not if you want to keep eating.

A Better Way

There is another, better side hustle out there. Look at this:

  • with Uber, you trade hours for dollars. You spend an hour Ubering, you get paid. You don't spend an hour Ubering, you don't get paid. So, you have to re-create your Uber income every single day. Or, just do without money.
  • with the side hustle I am currently working, you trade hours for "leverage". You spend a year or two (or five or eight) working this side gig (and getting paid and helping a LOT of people along the way), and after you've invested that time, it CONTINUES to pay you for the rest of your life, even if you stop doing it. In fact, you can even WILL it to your children after you die! Down to 9 generations.
  • Uber = linear income
  • the BETTER Side Hustle = leveraged income

Here it is in picture form. Uber represents timeline A, the BETTER side hustle represents timeline B:

Timeline Contrast.JPG

I'm not going to make this post a complete deep dive into what you need to know about producing leveraged income. My main objective here is just for you to know that it EXISTS, it's real, requires only a handful of basic skills and abilities, is available to you no matter what country you live in, and it has created more millionaires second only to Pro Sports!

If you can say yes to all of the following requirements:

  • Be an authentic person...just be real with people;
  • Be the kind of person who DOES what you SAY you will do;
  • Be willing to invest as much time as possible in personal growth;
  • And be willing to share what you know with at least 15 people in a month's time
then you cannot fail at this side's impossible. Just like it's impossible to NOT walk a mile when you continue putting one foot in front of the other! You practice the behaviors that lead to success, and you absolutely will succeed, 100% of the time.

If you were able to say 'yes' to the short list of qualifications above, then my friend, the only thing keeping you from true freedom (financial AND time!) lies directly between your ears.

What to do Next

Pick the day and time when you are willing to invest 30 minutes looking at the details of what I have to share with you, and allow me to blow your mind. I am flexible, I don't care about time zones (this opportunity is available globally), and doing a remote presentation for you is no problem at all. This may or may not be something you're interested in, but how smart is it really to say no to something you've not even looked at? For your sake, for your family's sake, just take a look. Shoot me an email at [email protected] with some way to contact you and let's get our time and financial freedom back as partners!

Or, don't.

But you know what they say: "you keep getting what you're getting because you keep doing what you're doing. You want something different, you have to DO something different!"

I hope to hear from you!

Happy travels, my friends!


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