Sick of Life

in sick •  18 days ago

How are we sometimes depressed? We don't know what we want. What's missing is nothing. We're in a way of brutality. I ask myself what we're experiencing the burnout of.


Health is the rest. The greatest wealth in life is our wishes that we do not reduce our health language. So, why doesn't the ambition of what we can't reach at that time, or the effort of wanting more as we reach? I think we're all lying. Both ourselves and our environment.

Health is not enough, not satisfied human! We're aiming for the best, the best. The satisfaction of what we have is not enough for us ... We are burning with the ambition of those who do not have. Because of these feelings, sometimes I do not like myself and others. I don't like people from time to time. this ingratitude, our dissatisfaction cools me all.

Life is hard, another cliche in our tongue. Well, maybe life isn't that hard. We're the ones who make it difficult. Life is very easy if you have a good conscience, peace of mind, a conscience where you put your head on the pillow.

You don't have to eat at a luxury restaurant against the Bosphorus. Isn't it a ”life aile to drink a teapot of tea in a family tea garden, in a fine cup, in a fine friend's environment? Isn't life itself the sky you can freely look at ...


We keep our feet, our health, our family is on our side ... And if we are still complaining, if we are still depressed, if we still cannot enjoy life, we are a huge human being. We have to come to ourselves and be grateful!

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