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RE: If Reality Is A Simulation, Who Is Its Architect?

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i'm mostly drawing on my knowledge and understanding of buddhist philosophy, and my experience with lucid dreaming. i suppose in some aspects law of attraction is similar to teachings of karma (cause and effect). also, quantum psychics (that claims there is no reality until it's observed), is an inspiration. i think all of these concepts are interrelated and ~basically~ speak of the same thing, just we get confused and lost in language. but, the most important thing to me is belief in freedom of choice and personal responsibility, and i think that's the best we can do and have in this world, until we get some certain knowledge on the nature of things.


Yeah, there are a lot of things that will become clear if we are just able to decode the quantum world. The double slit experiment is one example where we don't always see what we expect. Hopefully we will get the answers we seek in the coming years.