Showcase April - Thoughts from a puppy feeding session

This is how my mornings, evenings and nights look like. I spend at least 3 hours a day coordinating the feeding turns of these 4 weeks old demon spawns that already eat some hard dog food, wag their tail, bark at me and their siblings, bite their momma and most importantly, are hungry all day long.

These puppies are barely 4 weeks old but most if not all of them, already have teeth and they bite their momma's tits too hard, making it unbearable for her to nurse them all at the same time. In fact, a few days ago she neglected them completely to the point where she didn't feed them even once during the whole day and night, and I wasn't able to make her do it.

But I did my homework and read a lot - of course, on the internet where its full of lies and deceit, asked my vet friends to confirm what I had to do.

So, since last sunday, I've been spending from one hour to one hour and a half in the garage where the puppy nest is located and, patiently make the puppies take turns to breastfeed. This means I have to have Fiona on my right side, and a box full of puppies wanting to get out on the other side; a chronometer ready to let each of them eat - two or three at a time, depending on which puppy it is - for ten minutes, intercalating them so there's never two new puppies beginning to feed at the same time (cause they start off too energetic, hungry and bitey for her to endure two starving puppies at once).

So here I am, one hand on Fiona's head scratching her ear and talking to her to keep her calm while the little dragons tear apart her tits, an elbow above the box trying to keep the whiny and loud remaining Satan's puppies from getting out, and that hand on my phone. I just posted OCD's latest comp, voted on some spanish OCD nominations, did some OCDB voting and now I'm writing a post - perhaps not my best post, but definitely a full of effort and inspiration freewrite.

There are a couple of surprises we have for you from OCD but we're still trying to get everything together before spewing out the information and risking it not coming to terms and failing, so I'm struggling to keep my mouth shut. I guess this little bait I'm mentioning is enough for me to be able to stay quiet for a few more days.

I need to go since the puppies are getting anxious and momma is getting tired. I know this post was short, but I wanted to update you with my puppies from hell status :)

This post was originally posted in October 2019 and it's part of my initiative called showcase April, where I'll post the best content I've done over the past three years.