Showcase April - Thoughts from a night shift in a front desk

This is probably the most useless shift in the whole world. I think that out of the 8 hours my shift lasts, I effectively work on hostel stuff around 30 minutes, that includes telling drunk people to shut up, asking couples to stop making out in the common areas, solving minor problems like doors not working or socks being lost and found and such. It's a pretty easy job. Perhaps an intelligent chimpanzee could do it. I know, that doesn't speak great things of me given that I'm the one doing it right now.

Well, it serves me right. It's a lot of free time and it happens that I need that to do OCD, Steem Onboarding and curation stuff which is Steem related. It also allows me to focus in learning german and do more research about which city I'm going to end up. It's still in between Berlin and Vienna, but Berlin is kicking Vienna's ass, the more I research, the less I like the Austrian capital and the more I like the German city.

But who knows. In fact, nobody knows exactly if I'll like one better than the other, unless I try them both. So this is what's going to happen - in case everything goes according to plan: I'll go to Berlin on the 28th of February and will stay there for 3 weeks, if I end up loving it, I'll stay longer, perhaps for a 3 month language course, and then I'll see whatup. In case I don't like Berlin, I'll enlist in a language course in Vienna beginning in April, and see how I like Vienna.

I might be traveling to nearby cities every other weekend to see if there's another city I enjoy the most and assess if it's a good option to study there. Worst case scenario, it's june and I hated Berlin and Vienna and I have to pick a University in a city. I'm guessing that by then I'll have broaden my horizon by a lot, and I'll be able to make a more informed decision.

Ok ok, but that's not the point of this freewrite, which I reckon will be short because my last two posts have been long as fuck and I have to have some variety you know? Otherwise the 6 people who read my posts might get bored of the same post style. Well, the point of making this post is because I liked this selfie. Yeah, I know I sound like a 16 year old instagram girl that wants attention.

But to be honest, I shaved a couple of days ago and I like how it looks. After several months of not shaving, a change is good, especially because of the fact that the skin gets irritated with the Caribbean weather and with the sun every day shining on me, it's better to have a clean face. Let's not mention that the heat sucks when you have a beard.

It's 5:28 am and I'm getting tired. I already got so many things done but I can't keep going, I'm dead tired. This freewrite will have to end a bit earlier than what I thought. Either way, the point of freewrites is to clear my head, and I managed to do it right now, I got some ideas out of my head and now I can rest a bit - and think about all those other things I didn't get rid of with this write up.

In fact you know what, I think I'm going to use the last hour and a half I still have left to do some excercise here - some pushups, pullups in the stairs, calf and leg exercises and whatnot, in the end, there's nobody around just the way it's been since 2 am. Damn this useless night shift.

I hope you have a great beginning of the weekend Steemians!

This post was originally posted in February 2020 and it's part of my initiative called showcase April, where I'll post the best content I've done over the past three years.