Showcase April - Thoughts from a Mexican road | About signs, coincidences and a bit of destiny

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It's been a hell of a ride for me, both these past few days and also these past three years. I can't describe how lucky I feel for what father destiny had in store for me all these years and what mother nature provided along the way. Can't complain, not a single bit. Everything that happens to us, happens for a reason. There are no coincidences or random encounters.

Over the past few years I've traveled quite a lot. Perhaps too much. Too much to the point where all I want now is routine and a normal life so to speak. If you've read some of my previous posts you already know that I'm going to Europe in a few weeks to begin a new life, or maybe a new Eric is arriving to the life current Eric is living, who knows.

Traveling so much, and with a low budget like a do can be tiring. Places, people, experiences and the beauty of uncertainty come and go, teaching you what you need to learn on that moment of your journey. Signs. It's all about signs, about knowing how to identify them and not ignoring them.

Things happen, and wether they're good or bad - in your opinion - it's not about what happens, but what we make out of them as they strike us. Everything that we experience is a sign. Oh no, dear reader, it's not randomly generated by the matrix and we definitely shouldn't assume it's not meant to be.

Don't get me wrong. I believe we have free will, and that we should strive to achieve our goals and dreams and we should fight for what we want. But we must not fixate ourselves with something if the signs are pointing towards the other end. My grandma used to say something along the lines of if it's for you, it'll happen even if you run away from it; if it's not for you, it won't happen even if you chase it. Wise old lady if you ask me.

I met someone recently. In fact, very recently, perhaps too recently even to be writing about her. But don't worry, this post is not about her, it's about signs.

Since we met, things just flowed almost perfectly - nothing is perfect of course, how boring would that be? - and we experienced a lot together. What we lived together was a mix of both situations we wanted - like going together to a place - and coincidences that made the experience be way better, and any potential problem we could have, pretty much solved by itself. It's like father destiny wanted it to go smoothly, without issues, as if giving us his blessing. It's been only a week since I met her but all these experiences we've shared make me feel as if I've known this girl since forever. We just click.

But wait, remember how I told you there are no coincidences?

Well, if you don't remember, restart this post. There are no coincidences, they are signs and they happen for a reason. And we should learn how to recognize them and accept them.

These signs were positive and I embraced them, I listened to them, so I kept pushing from my side to keep our time together - the girl I met and me, that is - for as long as I could, and she did the same. And thus, apart from the normal issues any people who are just getting to know each other have, it has been a terrific time for me.

But speaking about signs, which is the point of this write up I'm doing while I'm driving on the back seat of a Mexican rental car, I just want to say: I'm grateful for them. Both for receiving them and also for being receptive enough to recognize them and act upon them.

I was supposed to be working the shift where I was, exactly on the day when she walked in. After that, it was all a series of non-coincidences that stacked exactly the way they should have in order to make things unfold the way they are doing it right now. Without planning it, we haven't been away of each other for more than a day or so. Things are just falling in place perfectly. Destiny? Don't know, don't think so, I like to call them signs.

I have no idea what the future holds, and perhaps this girl will go back to Europe and I'll never see her again and it will be just a nice memory for me and for her, or maybe I will see her when I arrive in late February. All I know is that I want to see her again and again and again. I just hope that I am able to see the signs and make the most out of them, and who knows, perhaps this girl that I like so much, probably like I never have liked any other, will see the same signs as I do.

So reader, focus in being receptive you these signs. Don't ignore them, wether they convey a positive or a negative outcome, take these signs as the key to making your life easier and letting things flow naturally. I've been doing it for quite a few years now and it took me a hell lot of time and it's a continuous growing process, and I've only been able to see real results until recently.

Anyway, I didn't take a pic of myself on the bus, Soo here's a random pic of me, because I'm vain and I like putting my face out there to get a few more votes (yeah right).


This post was originally posted in January 2020 and it's part of my initiative called showcase April, where I'll post the best content I've done over the past three years.

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