Showcase April - Thoughts from a Mexican Bus | A freewrite of Randomness

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This post is for someone in particular, but you're all welcome to read it. After all, that's why this blog is here, for people to read it.


@anomadsoul started as a way of keeping my parents in the loop of my adventures while traveling. I'm not much of a sharer with my family or friends; I'm not one to keep in touch with the loved ones even if I think about them. I guess it has to do with the be here, now mentality I have, but who knows. The point is, I knew I wouldn't FaceTime or chat much with my Family while traveling over the past 3 years where I went to almost 30 countries. So I decided to write for them, for my future kids in case I have them and perhaps got my grandkids, for whenever they want some stories from the old man. To be able to keep in touch with them through my writing which some people have told me is quite good and that I'm a good storyteller.

Stories. I have a few. Maybe more than a few. In fact, one of the main reasons I travel is because I want adventures, to live then and to be able to tell them. Like Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit or Edwards Bloom from the big fish I crave adventure and adrenaline in any form. I've been out of my comfort zone for three years now and despite the fact that I'm getting mentally tired and psychologically drained, it's very easy to get me back on track.

But enough of introductions. As I mentioned, this post is for someone in particular and everyone else is just a guest reader. Welcome, guest reader; I'm sorry if this freewrite seems a little too personal or like it's not written for you but that's the truth, it isn't.

I'm writing this post to let her know I'm doing good and that I regret the way things went down between us, but it was meant to be that way and there was nothing I could do to change it. I believe we build our own destiny and at the same time, there are things in our path we are not meant to change, situations or outcomes that no matter how hard we try to prevent them, they will still end up happening.

I'm doing great. Mexico's treating me all right. My meds are working wonders and I'm feeling incredibly energetic, strong and full of life. Finally. I'm smoking no more than one or two cigarettes a day and that's just when I get a bit stressed or when I have long conversations - a cig with a good convo is always good.

Seems like Denzel and Fiona, despite being from different breeds, are having puppies in around the weeks. We still have to confirm that but I'm pretty confident I'm having little alien-dogs. I hope they're healthy and strong so I can keep the strongest of the pack and make him my faithful companion for when I go to South East Asia or Europe. I always wanted to travel with the Schnauzer Alai but that was never an option; she already has a pack and it's a routine dog, getting stressed and sick every time it changes, so that's a no go.

I'm still looking for a job in Europe, sending CVs to a lot of companies. Hopefully I'll get something worthy by January so I can begin 2020 with a Fiat job and in a country I actually want to live in. If I get a job, I'm going to South East Asia, particularly Thailand and the surrounding countries in November and December. I'm probably going with the puppy, it all depends on how mature and big it's gotten by my departure date.

I'm still learning German. It feels like I'm not making any improvements but I'm pretty sure that when I start speaking it again with native speakers and on a daily basis I'll find out how better I really got since I last spoke it.

Wow, I'm turning 31 in a few months. I always thought I'd marry at 35 and have kids a year later. That means I still have 4 years to be free and roam around the world, do my shit and improvise along the way. That also means we still have time, perhaps we run into each other again in a few years and then it is the proper time for us. It's all about synchronicity and when you don't have it with someone, when the time is not correct, it sucks and hurts badly.

I miss the Caribbean and the simple life. I have a minimalist life and a Spartan mindset. I don't need much to be happy. If it was up to me, I'd end up leaving in a small house by a virgin beach or in a small cabin by a lake just down the mountains. You know I don't care about money and I don't want to be rich, my goal is to be stress and worry-free. Sadly, that life only comes with money in the bank - or cryptocurrency in the wallet, which is my bet. Hopefully down the line I'll be able to do it and dedicate my time to my kids, my wife and my book. That's the dream life, not having cars and houses, clothes and jewelry but a stress free life with the people you love, doing what you want and fulfilling your destiny.

This is getting very long and despite the fact that I know you like reading, maybe I should stop here. I wanted to keep you updated on my current affairs and again, to let you know I'm sorry how things went down, if I could change it, I probably would but most likely I wouldn't, things happen for a reason and sometimes we just gotta accept it and live with it.

Oh yeah by the way, I cut my hair and the lady said I look better, what do you think?

I hope you liked this reading. If you did, I'll try to do this at least once a month, just for you.

This post was originally posted in September 2019 and it's part of my initiative called showcase April, where I'll post the best content I've done over the past three years.


Is it me or have the images on Steemit gotten really low rez now? I was looking for some photos in my old posts and I found they've shrunk in size!

Do you think they've been compressed to save space on Steemit Images?

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