Showcase April - Learning to recognize and celebrate a Victory

In my life I´ve met people who are perfectionists, other folks are over-achievers, some try to reach for the stars but mainly, people who strive to be the better version of themselves.

These people have had a significant postive influence in my life and in my life achievements; you know what they say, you are a mix of the ten people closest to you, so having them around always brings my person to higher standards. I try to engage and get involved with people I admire, people that I know I can learn something from them, whether it is their lifestyle, point of views about important matters, listen to their experiences or simpli just have a deep meaningful conversation.

I wouldn´t be the person I am today if I hadn´t actively work to rise my standards every day, to become the best version of myself, to always fight to get wins regardless of the size of those victores.

But also, I know I have some insight to bring to the table, it is not like I just use a person for what they can give me, I try to help them to achieve their life goals, I give them council from my point of view, I cheer them up when they need it but most importantly, I tell them when I think they are making a mistake.

Why? Because human relations are like this.

We are all in a continuous and never ending search for success, it doesn´t matter if it is personal, profesional, spiritual or inside your family core, we need some victories in order to feel like we are moving forward, to realize we are not stuck, to believe we are worth something to someone.

The thing is, I´ve noticed among all of these amazing people that, no matter how high is the bar or how far is the goal, they always keep trying, they actively work towards achieving their dreams and that is what truly inspires me.


It is always heartwarming and fullfiling to see someone you care about or love, reach their life goals.

But it is also heartbreaking and disencouraging to watch them stumble or fall while trying to reach the stars.

Because you get involved with them to a certain level where their goals become your goals, where you celebrate their victories as if they were your own and you feel their failures as if it it damaged your own life.

And you know why? Because it is true.

Our family members, our closest friends, our partner and even our enemies, they are all part of us, They live inside us and their success or failure at some point affects our lifes.

And that is how it should be, we are social beings, we like to be considered part of something bigger, to feel like we belong, that we are not alone in this world.

So, if they are that important for us and, if our life goals are also theirs, how come we are so hard on ourselves and why do we let them ignore the small wins?, just because it is not he main victory the one achieved?


Celebrate the small victories! If they are your own, make a big deal about them! If the win comes from someone you care about, cheer up for them!

We are so blinded by someone else´s definition of success that oftenly we ignore these small achievements because we think they don´t matter, we are so obsessed with the main goal that we miss out on the opportunity of being happy about the petty accomplisments.

  • Were you striving for a promotion but instead got a salary raise? Celebrate it, it is still a win!
  • Was she looking for that dream job and in her way to the interview she stumbled upon a los friendship thus lost the interview? Cheer her up, it was still a victory!
  • Was your son trying to get on the soccer team and, realized his true dream is to be a cheerleader? It doesn´t matter, getting to know himself is more important than the main goal. Encourage him to follow his dreams no matter what. It is a success!

This is not about conformism, it is about recognizing that in every situation or experience, we have something to learn and to celebrate. Don´t let other people lose their way just because things are not happening the way they think they should.

Even Oprah knows it

Don´t lose that magic inside you just because you think success is not coming fast enough, there is a victory in every day and we should learn to recognize them, but most importantly, to celebrate them!

Remember, Be Here Now

This post was originally posted in September 2017 and it's part of my initiative called showcase April, where I'll post the best content I've done over the past three years.

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