Short story: Part 1 of 2 - It Must Be Love If it Bleeds

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Koyin has been stalking his ex.
Every night for the past couple of weeks his car has been parked outside Ezi’s house so he can glare or stare at her through her bedroom window. Whether he glared or stared was usually determined by his emotional state at the time, but regardless if he was angry or simply missed her, he always paid the closest attention once Ezi began undressing.
Lately, Koyin has come to suspect that Ezi knows he’s watching because her actions have become too deliberate.

Almost calculated and systematic like she was taunting him. Seducing him. Tormenting him. And damn was she doing a good job - Especially tonight that she's chosen to take her wily games to a whole new level.
Koyin watched as his ex returned home in the arms of another man and without hesitation, he decided he didn’t need to see this - Didn’t need to be put through this much hurt. He hastily reached towards his car’s ignition but instead of turning the key, his hand fell back into his lap.
Koyin couldn’t make out the face of Ezi’s date as it remained in the shadows, but he could distinctly make out the ecstatic expression on Ezi’s face as her body suggestively nuzzled up to that of her date as they headed for her front door. Even if Koyin was blind, he’d recognize Ezi anywhere. After all, she was his angel and his tormentor. She was the heavy cross which he couldn’t bring himself to let go. He was her lamb and willing sacrifice.
Koyin could tell Ezi was having a good time. Or was she exaggerating her laugh just to taunt her watcher? To wound him.
Now they are kissing. Koyin watched as they passionately fumbled in each other’s arms through Ezi’s front door.
I shouldn’t be here. I can’t keep watching, Koyin thought but his hands stayed in his lap as he continued to stare. His breath becoming increasingly shallow and rapid as watched Ezi through the open living room curtains rip open the front of her date’s shirt and lick his throat. She’s putting on a show for me, Koyin fumed as hot tears streamed past his lips.
In his bitterness, Koyin came to a peculiar decision - He wasn’t going to leave and he wasn’t going to stop watching. If Ezi was going to put on a show for him, to hurt him, he was going to watch it to the bitter end. Oh yes, he was going to watch it all and mock her in the aftermath for whoring herself. He was going to slut shame her for trying to hurt him with this deliberate low blow. He might even record the whole thing with his phone and post it online. But no, he wouldn’t go that far.
He might hate Ezi at this moment, but his love for her was eternal. An eternal rot in his chest that hurt, and the hurt became worse as he watched Ezi jump on her date and clinch her ankles around his waist with her tongue sensuously darting and flicking from his chin to his ear lobe. Koyin groaned in agony as he watched Ezi do secret things to this stranger that he’d thought were exclusively for him.
Ezi and her date finally manage to make it to her bedroom upstairs and Koyin watched the proceedings through the bedroom’s ajar French windows. Ezi turned on every light in the bedroom which gave Koyin an ample view from the street.
Her date was clearly no longer playing it cool as he grabbed her and tossed her on the bed. He ripped off her blouse with one hand and turned her bra into a limp discarded rag with the other. It took even less time before one of Ezi’s nipples became buried in his face.
Koyin was so bitter he could taste it. And yet, he found his left hand moving from his lap to his crotch where it clutched and rubbed at the pulsating hardness within his pants.
By the time the man in the bedroom has ripped off Ezi’s pants and has her bent over the window, Koyin was openly stroking himself in the car.
Koyin’s phone buzzed and in a panic, he reached for it to hide its brightly illuminated screen from revealing him in the pitch dark car.
Caller ID revealed it was Ezi calling.
Without thought, Koyin picked the call and crushed the phone to his ear with his free hand. He could hear Ezi squealing in ecstasy on the other end, mumbling her utterances of pleasure and he unconsciously began to stroke himself faster. He could hear the man pounding her grunting gruffly in sync with each slap of flesh on flesh and Koyin’s fist tightened harder around his shaft. Then he heard Ezi make her special sound. That special sound meant for only him when he touched her just right and she was close to her sexual climax.
The tears came down Koyin’s cheeks again and through all the sound of sin pouring into his ear, he heard Ezi speak to him.
“Koyin I know you’re there.” She paused to moan as a wave of pleasure took hold of her, “You like what you see?”
Koyin didn’t like what he was seeing but he was nonetheless about to ejaculate. Just as he felt himself about to explode in his fist, Ezi orgasmed in his ear and he saw the man with her pull out a knife and rip it through her throat in a merciless slash.

Koyin’s eyes almost fell out of his head as he screamed.
As the blood from Ezi’s slit throat gushed over the windowsill and her death rattle rang in his ears through the phone, Koyin’s screams became more forceful and semen gushed out of him, splattering all over his dashboard. He couldn’t help himself as his fear and orgasm intermingled with neither cancelling the other out. Mixing just perfectly and driving him stupid.
His phone still pressed to his ear, he could hear the love of his life choking on her own blood. But above that, he could also hear the slap of flesh on flesh indicating her killer date was still having sex with her.
He’d had enough.
In a panic, Koyin started his car and tried to drive off, but his hand slick with ejaculate slipped off the gear shift as he tried to put it in drive. He hurriedly wiped his hand off on his pants and threw the stick into drive before careening from where he’d parked. Trying to manoeuvre the vehicle, his hand slipped on the steering wheel still slick with his ejaculate –it was everywhere- and he screamed again as he oversteered. Fortunately he was able to regain control and narrowly avoided hitting a tree.
He zoomed off into the night, leaving behind the gory scene he’d witnessed. But the night was still young and far from over for Koyin.

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  ·  last year (edited)

Sick but i love it... Your mind is fertile.

So many questions begging for answers. One is how did Koyinn's night go.
Guess is he is the main suspect considering that's the last dialled no on Ezi's phone. His phone network would also place him at the same mast but then DNA should exonerate him.
Pray tell. We wait, we wait.


Someone's been watching CSI @ phone network and masts.
I guess till next weekend before we get any satisfaction about the rest of Koyin's night ;) Thanks for reading and enjoying