My safe haven gone wrong

in shortstory •  last year 


I used to get excited by the thought of going home after a day of being at school. The picture of my bed from the back of my head flashes from time to time as I trod happily singing a joyful trot song. The comfort of the word “home” always gives me security. The fact that I have a place to give myself a day’s rest after all the pollution gives me inner clarity.

This is my second home. This is the place where I came to love after months of crying from the longing of my family back in my hometown. This is the space that I learned to love under no one’s tutelage. This is the atmosphere that through the years have given me inner peace. This is my second safe haven.

I loved every corner of this haven and waking up to it every day makes me feel that I’ll be certainly out of jeopardy. But maybe it was just I that thought that it was a perfect rendezvous. Days came when my haven turned into a haunted house. It was filled by restless souls unassured of all their feelings. It was filled by people with silent battles that I can audibly hear. My once soothing paradise became a bloody battlefield. It became even bloodcurdling by the fact that people fight behind their backs and uses their hearts and eyes as hostages.

I can no longer take it. The silent war made me feel that I was carrying a heavier load than the load I am having at studying. I grew afraid of my paradise. I no longer want to be in this rendezvous that I sometimes want to escape from it. The comfort it used to give me scares me now. The security it gives me makes me feel like falling into a cliff.

I decided, a lot of times, to go away. To escape. But there are things that keep pulling me back. It is my memories and the people that I spent them with. They are the ones holding me back. They are the ones that I built this happy paradise with. And I won’t deny that they were part of the souls that tried to tore my beautiful refuge down.

As I was letting the current of time pull me back to this place, I am trying to repair the walls that were destroyed from the lifeless battle. I am trying to restore my once perfect safe haven. And I am bringing with me all this strength to restore it. Not just my safe haven but also the hearts and souls of the people residing on it.

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wow totally speechless about this post. id like to share you a quote of mine - What make us weak today will make us stronger tomorrow.
Dont let the shadow of your past enslave you.
Yesterday is nothing but history. Tomorrow is nothing but mystery, today is a gift which is why it is called present.

Have a wonderful day ahead of you.

nice qoute @uwanderer. thanks

happy to share. continue inspiring people with your own little way.