The tale of the mystery knitter

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It was a regular day, just a regular day in town and the whole city was locked down. Hardly a soul was there to be found in the streets. Biking to go for some groceries was peaceful yet also almost awkward, because of the silence. You smelled the fear, but you also could see the people inside their houses spending good quality time together. A strange kind of tranquility formed a cloud over the town.

Screenshot_20200518173957_Photo Editor.jpg

It was only then when I saw it the first time. Someone had knitted a piece around a normal lanternpole. As if someone was making a scarf but decided that this piece of metal also needed some loving because it looked dull. I smiled and continued my journey. I liked this way of thinking.

Screenshot_20200518174025_Photo Editor.jpg

Throughout the week I saw the lantern scarf growing almost every single day. But I never saw anybody working on it. This has to be made somewhere at home, and then connected at the pole itself. But there never was single soul in the vicinity of the pole. It began to become an intruiging mystery, and I continued to monitor the growing knitting work, while everyday you could see it growing, way higher than what anyone would be able to reach.

And then it even became more mysterious. In the city center also all of a sudden there were more knitting working appearing, in all kinds of different colours. This time it wasn't at a lantern, but a bicycle stand where there is absolutely no way to reach the side of the pole. Again these knitts have to be put around it, while being finished with actual knitting. Someone should have see this!

Screenshot_20200518174120_Photo Editor.jpg

And while you can even see the tape in the background from the bench where you arent allowed to sit anymore because of maintaining the social distance, the bright colours of the knittings lighten up the day. did they get there? Even the local shops which are situated right in front of these bicycle stands had no idea, but they were happy as well that somebody atleast tried to make something of these dark days where we all do not know how the future will look like!

Screenshot_20200518174048_Photo Editor.jpg

I don't know where they came from, and I don't know who made them. All I know is I like the concept of these kinds of colours, just randomly put on normal things in the area. Dear mystery knitter....make some more!


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