Are you ready to change your outlook on life? train accident

in #short2 months ago

It was a very rainy day but our friend has a part time job
And he wanted to go to a friend's party, but he had to paste the ads, and a friend called him and told him that he was very late, and he was trying to speed up very much, and he was unaware of those around him.

While he was sticking ads very quickly, he bumped into a person who was passing by his neighborhood and here he was at the train station

Our friend woke up to find himself in the hospital, inside the operating room, and watched the doctor cut the clothes he was wearing. The first shock was that he found his left arm amputated, so he would gather his strength. He asked the doctor if there is any amputation in any other part of the body.
The doctor softened his feelings and told him that there was no amputation. He told him not to hide anything from me. He told him, “You will be fine.”
Wait for the second part


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