a dot in the sky (unedited, rough draft)

in short •  9 months ago

This is the first copy of an unedited short story I just decided to bash out after dabbing (sativa dominate).. I hope you enjoy.
I had just walked around the eddyway towards my car, a quite rustic monument it was, the car, obv not the eddy. In any event, after a long night of party hop, something akin to a bar hop I suppose, I was in dire need of energy drinks or a nap to rest these damned eyes. The car was parked in a small parking lot of a much too large park for a lot of this size. A whole 3 parking spots at the end of a long drive off the main road, the park about the size of a football field with a stream running through it on the far side.

Just a quick nap I told myself, locked the doors, reclined the seat and set off to adventure in my quick meditation.
BOOM!!! As soon as my eyes were closed the white patterns began taking over, at first just swirls of imagined emotions.. after what seemed like forever watching the fog create various shapes, a scene bagan to unfold… a valley with trees soo twisted and writhed upon themselves you could nlay bewteen branches and roots without pillow or fidgetting with multiple comfortable positions. NIRVANA.

tap tap as a ring penetrates the ceiling of my ears against the glass of my car door.. “yes officer?” I find myself saying in a fog, missing my branch aleady…

“there is no loitering in this park, do you have an ID?” he blankly says, looking off at a mom walking her child, admitingly, I would have been looking too, those yoga pants tho….

“oh, not loitering sir, you see last night a few of us partied on the bragg, I couldn’t make it home I figured without passing out, so was taking a quick nap before heading to lunch with a pal”

Suddenly witout warning the park attendant attempts to open my door, obviously missing its locked. “I didn’t ask for all that, I asked for your ID, im placing you under arrest for sleeping in public, that’s the same as loitering!!! you know that’s illegal, everyone does!”

You see… before I continue my story,… maybe I should back up a bit and tell you about the dot in the sky. Noone knows why or how it works exactly, but there is a basketball size looking dot in the sky, west, and no matter how far towards it you travel, its always just as far, as though on a mission to observe, but avoid. Shortly after it appeared, which was 11 years, and 3 days ago. I only remember that because my birthday is next week… anyways, after it appeared, broadcast on all screens was a series of random appearing rules and regulations. For what seemed an eterenity, but was really only 13 days, all electronics were useless, it was only the broadcast, even devices that hadnt been powered on in years suddenly jolted back to life as though they had new meaning… some without even a power source of their own. After the broadcast ended,…. There was just the DOT. And everything went back to normal… for year… 365 days exactly after the appearance of the dot, the broadcast started again, this time with a warning, “100% of the people will be forced into work camps, unless you police your own and bring offenders to Sky Rock”… and that’s when shit started getting real crazy….

to be continued...



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