in short •  2 months ago


Today the city was movin and grovin with the hustle
of people everywhere. Tourist and residents walking in enjoying the beautiful sunshine .
Let’s not forget the gorgeous legs I had the pleasure of viewing today.

Everyone seems to be so down to earth and
very friendly.



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Great job,,, thanks for shareing


Thank you shahbazhel.

Very nice post ,,great your work,,


Thank you waanbhachran.

Wow w - 😱😎

Very beautiful place, awesome photography my dear friend luckyfellow


Wow soooo nice


Thank you arosakhan


Yes it is . Thank you moniroy.

What such a Beautiful post. I like your post


Thank you chhidroo.

Good work at this post.., @luckyfellow


Thank you zerozero33.

All those happy people will be able to smoke as much weed as they want starting Oct 17.... Good times in Canada

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Thank you offgridlife.

Waooo,,, good man your good post


Thank you dhhayr.

Nice post .good u bless


Thank you maghribkhan.

I lived, and loved living, in Montreal 92-98 — nice to see some fresh pics!


Thank you thedamus.

For a good friend. In which you can create data. It works like a steemit.
best friend


Thank you ahlawat.

The city simply goes on and on beautiful shots there :D


Thank you blazing.