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I spent the weekend with my friends and we shot a run and gun short film. This is an improvised comedy. A lot of mistakes were made and lessons learned. Hopefully we get a chance to start regularly creating run and gun short films, I hope you enjoy. Please support the production of future videos by up voting and resteeming this post.

Tim O'Dell.

Any payouts for this post will be divided between the following people for the efforts creating this short film:

Justin Nicholson as Worried Brother
Chris Doty as The Woodsman
Jonathan Nicholson as The Lost Brother

Camera & Editing Tim O'Dell
Boom Operator Trinity Doty

Comedy Open Mic Round #20


I nominate @supremegold22 and @hezziebees

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The mistakes made the video even more funny.

You did a great job portraying backwoods doobies.
One more swig to focus the senses and then this video would be perfect.


We caught on to the technique of focusing the senses a little late in this one. We will be prepare on the next one. Thank you. There will be more to come with these guys. Especially with all the support received.

That's a great job man. Like you said, learning with every creation is what it's all about man.


i agree , really good and nice to see here on dtube


Thanks @captainbob. Doing is way better than reading or watching.

nice... i was so waiting for that axe to get used! those brothers seem fun folks for sharing moonshine with.


My dad was disappointed that the ax did not end up in Jonathan's head. haha. Those brothers are some good ol boys. Always a good time hanging out.

Having a history with the actors makes this film more enjoyable! Thanks for the laughs, and I accept your nomination.

Strangly epic: the hero's journey. The search led by a mysterious hatchet wielding mercinary. Magical 180 proof potions. A hopeful ending.


I'm going to use this review on the poster!!! :) Thanks.


It'll cost you that half joint.


I don't know....That was his payment. :(

This is a really good short film.

I definetaly suggest everyone to watch this.
Especially these people that came to the comments to see if that movie is worth watchig :D
I know there is some of you out here.

Now go watch it.


Thanks for recommending that people watch @tsnaks I'm glad that you liked it and I appreciate the support.

Wowwww!!! hahaha literally don't know what to say. Yer the beast and the film was so awesome! ahahha


Thank you so much for your kind words and support.

Upvote resteem and challenge accepted u had me at half a joint lol


Thanks man. I'm excited for you video.

Standing effing ovation!!!!!!


Thank you. With those guys I just grabbed the camera and took them to locations and said "Action" :) They keep me smiling.

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You had me at half a joint brother. Very nicely done. I hope you keep doing comedy open mic.


Thank you. I will keep posting anytime I have something that suit the genre. Good people in comedy open mic. Cheers.

amazing,short film i really liked it

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Beautiful .. wonderful words
Beautiful video from you, Well done
Thanks for sharing this with us‏..