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The new year always brings us new purposes. If one of your decisions is to put your accounts in order, I especially recommend setting a budget and creating a savings fund . Having control over your money and knowing exactly where it goes is one of the most important things you can do to secure your financial future.

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Now that I think about it, how silly I was at first if this couponing is a success. Now if I never forget the coupons at home. For our family it is like a game of how much we can save in dollars to use in the hobbies we enjoy together, savings to surprise my mom and dad (or in this new adventure of running to improve being healthier).

I've learned along the way that I love the Amazon coupons section , one of which is not advertised frequently.

Here are four easy steps to get started.

1. Where to Find Coupons

Obviously, having coupons is the first thing you need to get started. But where to find them is one of the first questions they always ask me. Today there are many options for acquiring coupons, from printable coupons to electronic coupons that you can download to your loyalty cards. The 6 best ways to find the best coupons :

Printable Coupons

Having a printer at home is for me one of the best investments to save using discount coupons.
Websites that offer printable coupons:


Look for coupons in them. All You Magazine, now Southern Living Magazine , is one of the ones with the best coupons because every month they bring us at least $ 45 in savings when using their coupons. However, we can also find coupons frequently in Good Housekeeping, Woman's Day, Better Homes and Garden Magazine. Even Latina y Shape magazine has some great coupons.

Electronic Coupons

This type of coupon is becoming increasingly popular. You can load these on your loyalty card or on your smartphone . The value of each coupon is discounted when making the purchase.

2.Know When to Use Coupons

Trimming and using coupons is just the first step in saving. Knowing when to use them is what will save you the most dollars.

I say when we can combine a coupon with a special sale and - if the store offers it - a store coupon is * magic *.

Although using a coupon without having a sale is okay , it is better to wait for discounts and offers.

Buy at the Lowest Price

This goes along with the first trick about sales. If you wait for what you want to be on sale, you can get the lowest price, especially if you combine it with a Mesheble coupon or a promotion. A good example is the one you will see below on cereals to see how much you can save by waiting to buy at the lowest price and combining offers.

3. How to maximize your savings with coupons

Have you asked your supermarket staff if they accept competitor coupons? If you haven't ... you should!

There are ways to save in your store that you don't even know about. Here are some questions you need to ask in your store to learn how to take advantage of every opportunity to save:

Double Coupons

Another question you can ask the staff at your favorite supermarket is, Do they double coupons? If they do, what is the coupon value limit? For example, when I lived in Georgia, most supermarkets in my area doubled the value of a coupon to 50 cents, so if you had a coupon to save 50 cents on beans, then you could save $ 1.00 on beans. Now that I live in New Jersey, most supermarkets in my area double coupons worth up to 99 cents. Is there a limit to double coupons?

You have a good understanding of how your double coupon policy works.

Accumulate Store Coupons - Some stores and pharmacies (such as Publix, Target, CVS, and Walgreens) allow store coupons to be used in conjunction with the manufacturer's or manufacturer's coupon. This is accumulating coupons 😉Although you cannot use 2 coupons from the same manufacturer or manufacturer on the same product, you can use the combination of using both coupons on one product.

Competition Coupons

Does your store accept competitor coupons? Ask it. If they accept them, it is one more opportunity to save. I just found out that Harmon Discount stores accept Ulta coupons. Ulta coupons are usually better than Harmon's, so now I always save and use the Ulta coupons I see in the newspaper or mail to me.

4. Buying and storing

Saving your coupons is a very important part of saving in your supermarket. It gives you control of what you pay for your purchases instead of the store controlling your prices. It is a powerful feeling to feel in control of the money we spend when we intentionally buy for the progress of our family!

Buying in quantities and storing some products does not mean turning your house into a “mini-supermarket”, but it does mean that you are ready to pay the lowest price for the products that your family uses when buying intentionally and strategically.

Now that you know the 4 basic steps to save on your purchase, what are you waiting for? Ypu can start buying the beauty products using Deciem The Ordinary Coupon Codes.

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