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Most high school weekends were spent shopping at the mall with my best girlfriends, going from shop to shop together to try on one fabulous outfit after another, all while dishing out juicy gossip. When we were ready to be picked up, we dug twenty cents out of our wallets to call our parents from a pay phone. Shopping for millennials isn’t the same.
The convenience of shopping also comes with a downside. There are no friends to help guide one into making the crucial ‘this or that’ decision. Product reviews just don’t cut it when someone is trying to figure out the right color or the style. These indecisions often result in a loss of sale.
The idea behind Shop with Friends is to create an easy way to involve friends in a purchase decision.
There are knows what you want to prefer to dress up you. Mostly we choose to friend choose for sigh in party night club program and many more extra functions he or she knows what you want exactly.
friends makes you feels good about yourself when an outfit makes you feel fat or gross. your friends all ways be brutally honest with you.but all so know hold you back.


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