Shopin ICO Review

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Shopin ICO Review

There were a few great sounding ICO pitches that I had the chance to listen to today at The North American Bitcoin Conference. 

It is very hard for me to choose a favorite after hearing all of the pitches today,  but Shopin would have to be my number one pick out of all of them.

Shopin allows you to own your personal shopping data,  and share it/sell it as you wish. 

Think of how Amazon uses the products that you search to recommend other products for you at the bottom of the page.  30 percent of all of Amazon's sales actually come from the recommended products,  meaning that they make 30 percent of all profits off of the same type of data that Shopin will allow you to own. 

Not only will this make shopping for you more enjoyable and handcrafted towards your desires,  but it will also allow for one click shopping.  Storing your preferences,  sizing,  and shipping address will allow for a much quicker shopping experience online. 

Sharing your data with specific retailers will not only help out your shopping experience,  but it could also benefit you monetarily as many companies will be willing to compensate you for your information.

The only downside to the Shopin presale is the fact that you have to contribute 20 Ethereum or 1.3 Bitcoin,  and that is just too pricey for me for an ICO.  I am sure I will get in afterwards when the normal ICO launches. 

You can get 100 free Shopin tokens by joining their Telegram chat.  Just search for shopineverywhere on Telegram,  and join their chat! 

To the moon,



20 ETH, that's nuts! usually I see 1 ETH, cool premise though!

So if you find any brilliant ico do recommend

20 ETH is quite expensive indeed. I reckon this is going to be the norm now to participate to ICOs. Look at Refereum for instance.

Do you know you can get paid for your steemit blogs in which you review Cobinhood?

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