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Hi, this is Kuraizuke and welcome to my digital lifestyle.


Today, I will be sharing my experience yesterday where I bought two items from Shopee and found out that I can buy using my Cryptocurrency Wallet which is Coins.PH.

It made me excited to know that this will make Coins.PH more usable in buying stuff online. I hope that this will make more other online shopping sites in the Philippines to incorporate Cryptocurrency to buy stuff and I know Lazada has this too...

So I will focus more on sharing what I experienced yesterday and if you already know this, comment your experience buying on Shopee using Coins.PH here in the Philippines.

Nowadays, many people are into buying stuff online and I know other country's adopted this way back the 90s but here in the Philippines it gained more popularity with the start of Lazada. And now, even Facebook has been used to buy and sell online and a lot of Filipinos would do a live video selling stuff because they know that they can reach millions of people in an instant.

Indeed, online shopping is now a common digital lifestyle for Filipinos to venture there business and to buy stuff.

Yesterday, my girlfriend asked me to go to SM North with her to buy a CM-11H Cherry Mobile Battery and I'm so lazy to get up my ass and go there and instead, I opened her laptop and bought the stuff online. We checked the cheapest price with a good review. Found one and it seems authentic for me with a lot of good reviews from the seller. So, I purchased it and also added one item from the same seller to have a free shipping fee voucher because I should have at least worth of Php 250 of items purchased to get one. After putting it on the cart, I'm ready to go to place my order. I selected Grab Express as the courier because I'm looking for an option where it can deliver in a short period of time. It added Php 25 though but it's fine with me. Then, it does not have a COD, so, I looked for an online payment method instead and found out that there's Coins.PH. So, I told my girlfriend to give me the money so that I can go to 711 and Cash In her payment to my wallet (Coins.PH) so that I can use it as my payment. Since 711 is very near, it just took me less than 5 minutes to do so. I went back and finished the transaction and now, I'm waiting for the item to get shipped. I hope that I could get it within this week only so that I can provide a review on the product and the transaction. So that's it, I hope I have given you some wonderful insights and you may start buying stuff using your Coins.PH online...


Thanks for reading this post and for voting it as well. Happy shopping everyone!

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Please also check this out to help you get your ID verified successfully:
And for which IDs are accepted:
For more details or instructions on how to buy Shopee using Coins.PH:


Thanks for the comment... I hope more sites could contribute in using Coins.Ph with cryptocurrency as payment

Oh by the way, someone from Shopee just called in that item will now be shipped. Awesome! :)

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