RCBS Charge Master 1500 Powder Scale

in #shooting4 years ago

So after shooting today also took some time to reload a few. Here is the new RCBS Charge Master 1500 automatic powder scale in video action. My wife got me this for Xmas, first time trying it out. I only did 10 rounds, 8/10 were right on the money, even after an extra settling shake and weigh. 2 of the 10 were 1-2 tenths off, (clearly identified as over or under) and I had to manually adjust. Still pretty good. Takes about 30 seconds for it to weigh a load, but still efficient, because I can do other stuff to prep the case and funnel in between. Yes, 100 grains of Vihtavuori is my actual load and I get 3,500 fps with a 180 gr. Accubond bullet in my .338 Lapua Magnum. It's a very flat shooter.


These are very good units K. Everyone I know who has one is really pleased...I still use the RCBS beam scales as I haven't been able to justify the cost for the 1500 yet, however it's on the list for sure!

3500fps huh? You got that pill zinging! Imagine the energy it imparts of the target!

Good post (curated for curangel).

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Thanks for that hint, I'll try tagging them next post. Yes, lots of power, this is a beast! When I ran testing loads through the Labradar, I got 4,897 fpe at muzzle and still showing 4,247 fpe at 100yards. Hottest load was at 3,518 fps, 4,945 fpe and still 4,403 fpe at 100 yards. Wasn't able to get the readings at 200 yards, maybe next time once sighted in.

That's a shootin' stick I'd like to have a crack at! Sounds like a lot of fun! 😁

Nice equipment... I see where it save time and is dead on accurate.

Yes, it seems to be on the mark. We'll see in the next round of testing if it can tighten up the std. deviation a bit. I'd like to see a little closer tolerances! That is part of the fun, always striving for that little bit better.

Nice equipment... I
See where it save time and is
Dead on accurate.

                 - manorvillemike

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